3d printed walls for Cursed City preview

 Here's a preview video of a project my brother has been working on... 3d printed walls and doors for Warhammer Quest, The Cursed City.  I've been printing some prototype parts over the past weeks (pictures after the jump), and he is using some of my painted models for his photos and videos. 

Cursed City progress update

 Here's some pictures of my Cursed City progress.  I've got two charactors done, Skeletons, zombies and a few other bits.  Most of the other stuff is primed and ready.  I'm trying to use airbrushing and contrast paints to speed up my work flow, and I'm pretty happy so far with the results.

More after the jump...

Cursed City priming

 Here's a view of how I'm priming my cursed city models.  Black then grey from above.  Will airbrush and drybrush some white for additional zenith highlights before doing most of my colours with contrast paints.

Cursed City progress

 I've made a bit of progress on my cursed city set.  Everything is assembled and I've basically finished the skeletons.  The zombies have zenital highlights and I've primed almost everything else.

Warhammer Quest Cursed City

 Today’s the big day to preorder. I haven’t decided if I want to try for the online promo, the GW in store promo or FLGS route. 

Will have to rearrange my shelf though...

Crypt hunters finished

I’m calling these guys done now. Just some simple table top level paints and back into the box. Unfortunately the basing material I put on the bases means they don’t all fit nicely into the tray provided, so I may end up having to design and 3D print something. 

A little work on Crypt Hunters

Working on getting this set done using mostly Contrast paints for a quick table top level paint job.  Better to be painted quickly than not painted at all. 

Catching up with Underworlds

 Well, it’s been a year. I haven’t gotten much painting done but am trying to catch up before Direchasm gets released. These guys have been slowly coming along, and I'm at the point where I've decided to move on to Rippa's Snarlfangs.

So going to try and get back in the groove and pick away at the unpainted warbands from Beastgrave. I’m trying to improve my workflow by using contrast paints to lay out the base colours. Still trying to figure things out but this went pretty quick. Its hard because my technique has been block out colours (foundations/bases), shade, highlight.  This process allows me to fix things each step without having to go backwards.  With contrast I need to keep inside the lines, and this is a bit of a challenge to my speed.

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