Age of Sigmar Liberator size comparison

I'm sure I'm not the first to post a size comparison, but here's another one showing the free mini beside some other Fantasy and 40k models.  He's defiantly big, but that's the idea, right?

I really want to test out a fuax-NMM paint job on this guy using my airbrush.  I realize NMM is a faux finish, but I mean faking it even more by using an airbrush.  I'm thinking I can do the main colours with the airbrush and just line highlight the gold by hand and add some blue and do the parchment.  Hopefully it will turn out and be something easy enough to replicate for the whole box when I get my hands on them.

Some other thoughts on the whole AoS shift in Fantasy.  Part of me really likes this and sees the need for the hobby to move one.  When you go to tournaments and see guys playing with 20 year old mini's you can understand why GW's sales are stalling.  They need a way to make things obsolete otherwise you can just pick up cheap 2nd hand stuff and free load.  GW's hobby has always relied on young kids buying, collecting and moving on, so I can see the need to refocus on this demographic.

On the other hand, one of the reasons I like Warhammer (40k and fantasy) is the nostalgia.  I don't want it to change, or at least change slowly.  I'm scared for what will happen to Orcs and Goblins because I don't want my army to be relegated to an OOP collection... so in the mean time I won't be painting any of that and will focus on enjoying some of the new releases and seeing where it goes.

Age of Sigmar - White Dwarf in hand!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a White Dwarf a little early.  Its quite impressive, and is all Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) all the time.

There have been tons of leaks about this issue, but I wanted to see it for myself.  I can't wait to get the box set and paint it all up.

A few things I've noticed so far:
-The free mini is not push fit.  Glue is needed (and from what I can see in the issue the AoS box set guys are the same)
-40mm base on the sprue, so these guys are practically Terminator size.
-Really nice detail on the model, as reported elsewhere.
-No pictures of Square bases in with the epic scenes (all round).  There is one picture that shows a square base along side a round one, but that's just to say that you can keep using those.
-Lots of great pics.  The online leaks don't do the issue justice... worth picking up if you like pretty pictures.

Update: I've seen some pictures showing the mini's beside space marines and can confirm that this guy is terminator size.

Assassinorum full set pic

Here's a couple pics of my completed Assassinorum box set.  As I mentioned, it took a while to get this done, but that's the reality these days.  I need to align my purchasing patterns with the time I have available for assembling and painting, so completing this now should line up nicely with the Age of Sigmar release.  I hope to pick up the new white dwarf with the free mini.

Speaking of White Dwarf, is GW going to rename this with the new Dwarf name (steamhead duardin)?

Assassinorum Chaos Finished

Finally, I can say these guys are done.  I motored through the 4 assassins relatively quickly, but things slowed down for the rest. I didn't do anything special for the forces of Chaos, so they are similar to my Dark Vengeance guys.  For the sake of time I didn't bother filming anything for a tutorial, but because they are basically the same as my dark vengeance guys there are already tutorials for those here:

I'll post some pics of the complete set shortly.

I'm happy with having the box finished since its nice to have something totally done before moving onto the next project (a problem I have).

Assassinorum Chaos Progress

I haven't forgotten about these guys, in fact I'm almost done.  I did the cultists in a similar fashion as the ones from dark vengeance, so they painted up pretty quick.  This is a base coat, dark brown wash (army painter strong tone) and a single highlight.  The marines and sorcerer are also similar to my dark vengeance guys so they can be mixed in (or at least go on the same shelf).  I should finish these guys with enough time to do one model or unit before the Age of Sigmar stuff comes out.

Age of Sigmar first image of new models (Update with Chaos)

Caught a glimpse of this over on warseer forums... not sure what I think of these guys.  Maybe its the paint job or something, but a little too much Sanguinary guard going on here.  I'm hopeful that with a different paint job they could look pretty cool.

(update, the text on the chaos page seems to say 47 citadel miniatures included, which lines up with what's seen in these pics)

Lets see what else is in the pic... seems to be a standard Realm of Battle board with some new scenery.  I wonder if that comes in the box... looks like some portals.

Seeing some round (32mm?) and oval bases.  So, some sort of scrimmage force.  We've got what looks like a Chaos sorcerer at the top, so I'd assume that the evil forces are on the facing page (not pictured).

So, for forces of good we have:
1 mounted hero
2x5 guys with hammers and shields (champions seem to be slightly different)
3 guys with two handed axes
3 flying guys with 2 hammers

two portals?
(update) wall section

1 sorcerer (edit, I think this guys is a good guy)

Ok, so for the Evil side we've got:

1 hero on large base (40mm?)
2x10 guys (one set seems to have full command)
1 beast (oval base) and handler (round)
5 guys with axes
1 standard bearer (Khorne symbol)

Ultramarines Commander Tutorial

Here's another Ultramarines tutorial and painting guide from the Archives.  Its the Space marine commander from Assault on Black Reach, but he's virtually the same as the plastic blister commander. Enjoy!

Originally posted here:


Another addition to my growing Ultramarines force, this time the commander from the Assault on Black Reach box.  With the cape on this guy he painted up quite fast.  I was also pretty happy with how the banner turned out.  I've seen so many of these guys unpainted that it's cool to finally have one that's fully painted.

Pics and painting guide below.

Ultramarines Tactical squad Tutorial

Here's a look back at my archives of a tutorial for Ultramarines Tactical squads.  I've got some great Ultramarine tutorials, so check them out.

Orginally posted here:

Alright, the first (of many) Ultramarines guys that I've got to paint up to make an army.  These guys will form the backbone of my army, so I'll have to paint up a bunch more of them.  I'm using the normal GW colours for these guys, and I'm sure I'll get faster at painting them as I do more of them.  Hopefully I'll get a vehicle tutorial posted soon.

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