Assassins Assembly video

Here's a video showing how these guys assemble.  The detail on the mini's is amazing, but that's to be expected these days.  The mold lines are very minimal, so just a little scraping is necessary.  I can't wait to get started on painting these guys.

For some reason my pictures of the finished models didn't upload automatically, so I'll add another post tomorrow with those.

Unboxing Assassinorum Execution Force

So I when I saw this I was sold... then I heard about the Knight release and couldn't decide... well, in the end I picked this up, so here's the unboxing.  I love GW's new plastic characters, so with 4 in the box this makes sense to me.

The details are amazing, but we knew about the mini's.  The actual game looks decent quality, and the boards are pretty heavy duty. I'm not sure how playable the game will be, but they put some effort into this.

Here' the unboxing video along with some sprue pics of the Assassins.

How to paint Iyaden

Another one from the archives, but not so long ago.  How to paint an eldar guardian in Iyaden craft world colours.  You can check out the original post here:

I'm hoping to pick up the Assassins game tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some stuff to post for that.

How to paint Eldar of Craftworld Telennar

Here's a painting tutorial for the Eldar Farseer I picked up while in London.  I painted him in the Craftworld Telennar colours, which is the orange and grey ones featured in White Dwarf recently.  I've found this quite a cool paint scheme, and wanted to give it a go.  Turns out its a really simple scheme to paint as well, so I may paint up some more guys if I get a chance.

Lots of pictures including a painting tutorial video after the break.

How to paint Eldar Saim-Hann

Here's a tutorial that I did back in 2013 when the old codex came out.  I have a few more to come, but I think this is one of the more popular craft worlds.  I'm also working on a farseer in the Telennar colours (grey and orange).

You can check out more pics here:

Visit to GW Flagship - London England

I just got back from a family vacation in England, and of course I had to stop by Games Workshop while I was there.  I was in London for most of the time, so I visited the new "flagship" store in on Tottenham Court Road.  It just opened a week ago, and is the one with the "Warhammer" sign out front instead of "Games Workshop".

I'm not sure what the norm is for stores in England, but I was somewhat underwhelmed by the store considering its a flagship store in the heart of London.  There was a cool display table at the front of the store (which is in the White Dwarf), but otherwise I'd call it a regular shop. The stock was the same as you'd see anywhere, and there weren't a lot of armies on display.  Definitely not as many as are in the GW's near me.  I probably would have enjoyed a independent retailer better since they would have at least had some other stock that I'm not familiar with.

I figured I had to pick up a souvenir, and since the new Eldar stuff was just announced I picked up the plastic Farseer to paint up as well as some 32mm bases.

Lamartes Showcase

Here's another showcase video, this time of Lamartes, guardian of the lost.  I painted this guy when he came out with the old codex, and really spent a lot of time on the details.  I think I like how the lenses in his eyes turned out the most.

Imperial Knight Showcase

Here's a showcase video for a Knight I painted when they first came out.  I'm tempted to get some of the forgeworld ones to go along with this an make a Knight army, but I have way too much stuff in my to-do pile to make a purchase like that.

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