Ork Meganobz/Big Mek Magnetization details

Here's some details about how I magnetized the Meganobz box.  I think I covered every option, including magnetizing the head on the Big Mek so that he can be a Meganob.  The kit makes it easy to swap the hands without magents.  There is a peg on the arm that push fits into the fist, and you can make all the Killsaws, power klaws and combi-weapons without duplicating parts.  This is great since GW has a bad habit of using the same part in two options (to save space on the sprue).

For the Kombi-shootas I used 1/16" magnets on each side as pictured below.  Its really important to get this aligned as closely as possible since 1/16" is so small.  Otherwise they are pretty simple.

For the Big Mek I use a 1/8" magnet in the head and shoulders since i had the room to go bigger.  A corresponding 1/8" magnet went into the Teloporta and Kustom Force Field, but the boss pole (for Meganob option) only has a 1/16" magnet.  

Pics below, and I'm happy to answer questions in the comments below.

Mek Gun and Trukk Kitbash (1+1=4)

Here's a tutorial, or walk through on how I made 4 Mek Gunz from the Ork Mek Gun and Ork Trukk boxes.  The basic idea is simple, use the Trukk wheels and bits to make gun carriages.  I built the Tracktor kannon straight out of the box, and the other three are kitbashes... if you wanted you could mix and match all 4.  I'd also recommend using other bits in your collection, but I refrained in the video to keep it simple... with the exception of the Kannon and Zapp gun from the Battle Wagon kit (I figure most Ork collectors will have one or two of those lying around.

Video after the break and pictures below.   Any questions? ask away...

Meganobz Assembly Video

Here's the full assembly video for the Meganobz.  I wasn't sure if I was going to magnetize things when I started out, but by the end I basically magnetized every option.  All of the hand weapons can be exchanged without magnets, but things like the Kombi options and Mek gear needed magnets.  I'll post some more detailed pics of magnet placement shortly.

More pics and video after the break.

Meganob Size Comparison

I just finished assembling these guys and took some pictures beside other comparison models that I thought would be helpful for those of you on the intertubes.  The comparison beside previous meganobz was done in a recent white dwarf, but I've added some extra ones, such as the big mek with Kustom Force Field, Space Marine Terminators and Centurions... see below.

Warhammer Visions Issue 6

I haven`t been paying much attention to Warhammer Visions, but with the new Ork Codex this looks like its going to be the issue to pick up.  In the video below I flip through the whole issue and give some first impressions.  Basically, there are lots of cool pictures of the new Ork models, all of the paint splatter articles in the last month`s White Dwarf Weeklies, some golden deamon pics, kit bash with Tyranids, token hobbit and Fantasy stuff.

Ork Meganobz Unboxing

I`m excited to get these guys assembled and painted up.  I love the extra options... although I`m not sure how I feel about the kill saws.  We`ll have to see if those make sense, maybe in larger mobs a couple of them will be good to pop vehicles.

The Big mek looks decent, although building that option means you need to buy at least another box (to have enough nobz to make a mob).  The kit looks like it should be pretty easy to magnetize, so we`ll see if I can make that work in the assembly video.

Finished Ork Painboy (+ tutorial and guide)

Fresh off the painting table, here's the new Ork Painboy.  He's painted up very similar to the White Dwarf version, with different coloured pants and some checkered bits.  He's a fun model to paint, although I'm not sure I'd want too many of the same model on the table top at once... very unique and no weapons options.

I used the technical paints here for the patina finish on brass bits, rust on the metal and some of the blood splatter.  Its the first time I've actually used Blood for the Blood God on a finished model and I think it turned out quite nice... I think the trick is to use it sparingly.

Anyway, it was fun to get back to painting after all of the unboxing and assembly I've done... I need to catch up after all of these new releases.

Painboys side by side

I've just finished taking pictures of the new Painboy for the painting tutorial, and I thought I'd grab a couple of the older Painboy models off my shelf to compare.  Obviously the claw hand is huge, but the rest of him is a little more heroic scale than the previous painboy and the mad doc.

I'll post more pics of the new finished painboy once I have the tutorial finished.

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