Old Blood Thurster and daemons

Lets take a moment and be thankful for our new plastic Crack.  Here's a couple pictures of some old metal daemons of chaos.  I painted these up some time in the 90's.  Yep, that's a 40mm square base on the Blood Thurster.

Remember trying to glue metal?  Man that sucked.  I don't know if it was the super glue back then, or if it was something I was doing wrong, but it was terrible.

These are pictures I took back in 2010 when I was unloading some old stuff.

Harlequin Progress

These guys are coming along nicely.  I'm actually surprised that after two nights of painting I feel like I have solid progress.  I was worried about the diamond patterns, but I think they turned out really well, so I thought I'd share.  I'm using the same pallet as my Dark Eldar in hopes that they will ook like they belong, so that's where I came up with colour patterns.  Up close you can see the errors, but I think the overall impression works.

I do think I want to add some more green and blue before finishing them up. Maybe gloves, boots, jackets, etc.

The Sanguinar Showcase

Here's a showcase of a model I painted a few years back.  This was one of my first major NMM attempts, and probably one of the best. Partly because I had some good reference photos and was willing to spend time working on him.

Here's the post for the tutorial:

Smaug WIP 4

Moving forward with this guy slowly.  I glued on the wings and started working on the base.  I'm using various metallics for the bits mixed in with the gold coins and have them ready to highlight now.

For Smaug I think I need to touch up the colour on the wings with my airbrush, but otherwise its just adding some details to his face and scales.

Harlequin Unboxing and Assembly

I caved and picked up a troupe box yesterday... I had wanted to wait until the full release came out before picking anything up, but these things are trickling out so slowly that I pulled the trigger.  I'd like to put together a small band to complement my Dark Eldar, so I'll probably pick up a transport and character to go with these guys.  I'm also considering the idea of converting wyches into Harlequins... might be a decent conversion project.  The basic idea would be to put masks on heads and use Harlequin arms.

Also, a size comparison below the video...

Flash Gitz Tutorial

Here's the promised Flash Gitz video tutorial.  These guys took forever, mostly because of all the different colours.  I'm happy to have them finished for my collection, and would love to give them a shot on the table top.

A lot of the painting tutorial uses the same colours as the GW Ork painting guide, with the main exception being how I started out.  I sprayed these guys black first, then silver and gave them a black wash.  This meant that I wasn't fiddling around with too many metallics later on, which I find takes a lot of time.  As usual, if you have questions, please leave them in the comments below.

Flash Gitz Showcase

Well, I've finally got these guys done.  I'd say that with all the extra colours these guys are similar to bikes or mounted figures in terms of workload.  I'm happy they are done, and have wanted to have impressive models like these ever since the Freebooterz book came out out oh so long ago.

I'll be putting together a video tutorial as usual, but here's a showcase in the meantime.  Baddruck and his ammo runtz were painted up a while ago, but in a similar enough paint scheme.

Skaven Vermin Lord WIP 2

Here's the Warhammer Forge Vermin lord with some final touches on my painting table.  I'm trying to keep the final steps to a minimum, but its hard stopping when I know there are more details I can add.  The point is to speed up the workflow, so I've got to show some restraint.  Anyway, I'm happy with the results and will post some finished pics shortly.

After airbrushing the steps were limited to:
black wash on horns
Metallic bits on weapon
leather base and layers
green wash on warpstone followed by white edge highlights
red eye

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