Silver Tower Painting progress

I'm working my way through the villains in the Silver Tower box... trying to keep things efficient and simple, so I'm priming in base colours and not going over the top with layers.

Silver Tower Mighty Heroes progress

Here's some progress shots of my first batch of Silver Tower guys.  I don't actually have the main box yet, so I've started working on some of the expansion heros.  These guys are almost done, with some more almost than others.  Not pictured is the khorne guy from the White dwarf, but I showed him earlier.  Details after the break.

Deathwatch Overkill final WIP post

This should be the last progress shot of these guys.  I think I've finished all of the bits on theses guys, just have to do some edge highlights on the black and apply the gloss washes.  After that I'll do some final touch-ups on the whole set before taking some complete set photos.  I'm excited to be done these guys and will be happy to move along from space marines (not my favourite thing to paint).

Finished Slaughter Priest - free white dwarf mini

I managed to get a few more hours and finish this guy up.  He's surprisingly large, which the 40mm base kind of hides in the pictures.  Anyway, finished up using the paint splatter article, with a few substitutions and change of order.  I like how he turned out and if I ever get around to doing the khorne half of the age of sigmar starter set then I'll use the same general paint scheme.

White Dwarf free mini - work in progress

I picked up the new White Dwarf and found some time Saturday afternoon to get started on the free mini.  I haven't gone through the whole issue yet, but liked the idea of getting the guy painted up quickly by following the paint splatter article.  I really like those articles and hope that they revive the 'eavy metal master class ones some day.  The only thing I changed is that I did all the base colours and washes together rather than doing one full colour before moving onto the next like the article shows.  I prefer doing it this way because I can fix any mistakes with the next layer rather that going back and fixing something that was fully complete.

As far as the new white dwarf goes I'm hopeful that they can figure out what it takes to become something like the "golden age" ones.  There is promise with how GW is approaching videos and social media, so if it can become a true hobby magazine then I'll keep buying it.  Time will tell.

Here's some of my work in progress pictures.  Overall I like the paint scheme and will use this guy as a test for any further Khorne guys I do.

Deathwatch Overkill Next batch finished

I've got 6 of the marines finished now, and the final 4 are already underway.  These guys are coming along nicely and it won't take too much more work to finish off the final guys.

I don't think there's anything special to report for these... maybe a few small things to touch up now that the gloss washes have dried.

More Deathwatch progress

Here's another update on my progress.  Working on 4 guys at once (all ones without helmets) and am getting close to the final wash steps.  As before, I've skipped the normal wash step after base coats and will do a gloss wash right at the end.  Things are coming together quickly now, and the next time I get a change to work on these guys I'll probably do them one at a time since I'm basically down to individual details (all the assembly line stuff is almost done).

Deathwatch kill team progress

I made a bit more progress on the space marine side of the overkill box.  I have two guys done, and the rest are now have the airbrushed black (and grey) plus some silver and gold.  I'll probably keep going with the whole batch until the gold is done, then just do a few at a time for the remaining colours.  The next step will be gold, then layer 1 of both the Gold and Silver then blue glaze for the left arms and a quick drybrush on that one.

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