Cobra Themed Imperial Guard

Check this out... it can be yours for $500 CDN.  Someone nearby has posted this amazing Cobra Themed Imperial Guard army.  Its got Crimson Guard squads (Cadians) lead by Tomax and Xamot, A POGO pod (Sentinal), Major BLUDD, Destro and more.  Pretty amazing.  Must resist...

Smaug airbrushing WIP 2

I was able to get a bit more airbrushing done on Smaug.  I'm trying to build up the colours and highlights, but with such a huge model it takes a while.  The wings especially seem to suck in the paint with little to show for it.

Its tricky trying to get the right tones of red without going orange and pink.  I gave the magenta ghost tint a shot, but it came out too pink, so went over that again with one of the mid tone reds.

Skaven Vermin Lord (Forgeworld version) WIP

I'm enjoying the Minitaire paints.  In fact, I took a break from Smaug to paint up the Forgeworld (Warhammer Forge) Skaven Exhaulted Vermin Lord that's been sitting on my to-do shelf for quite a while.  This is why I haven't picked up the new plastic kit, because I need to clear out some of my backlog before I buy more stuff to paint.

I didn't take any video of this, so maybe it'll be a written tutorial if there is enough interest.  It took about an hour and a half to get to this point, and now all I have to do is some of the detail painting.  Time wise I'm really happy with how this has turned out, so its a nice compromise in getting stuff done.  Next time I'll probably just run the camera and post the video.

Skaven Grey Seer Tutorial and Guide

Here's the finished Grey Seer as well as the tutorial video and painting guide.  To save time I didn't video the base colours or wash step, but they's nothing too interesting happening there.  I used the same wash for the while model (Reikland Fleshshade).  This was a lot of fun because he was done so fast.

Skaven Grey Seer WIP

Followers of this blog may remember that I made a quick tutorial on how to make the Grey Seer from the Screaming bell a single character.  This is good if you make the kit into a plague furnace and have him left over.  Well, with the new Skaven coming out I decided to give him a quick paint job.  Pretty simple scheme and I'm surprised at how fast I was able to lay down the base colours.  Much more fun than all the complicated schemes for 40k (especially my flash gitz).

Captain Karlaen Painting video and guide

Here's the finished tutorial of Captain Karlaen from Deathstorm.  I find these single characters a lot of fun to paint, but when it comes to full units all those extra details makes it pretty tedious.

Anyway, as usual, a painting guide is below, which is basically what I followed in the video.  This is also similar to the White Dwarf paint splatter article, except I like to do all the base colours at once (rather than start and finish each colour).  This helps reduce touch ups on finished areas and prevents missing areas that need to be totally redone.

Smaug painting WIP 1

I finally carved out some time to start painting Smaug.  I've been working on finishing part of my basement, so my airbrush setup has been moved a bit.  Anyway, I have started some of the base colours on this guy and will be doing the first levels of highlight when I get a chance next.  I'm using badger miniatare paints, and so far they seem to be quite nice.

Flash Gitz WIP

Here's some work in progress shots of the stuff on my painting bench.  I'm finally working on the new Flash Gitz, and while I'm at it have slipped in a few runtheards for good measure.  The flash gitz were started with a silver spray followed with a dark wash, and I'll build all the colours up from there.

These guys were built back when the codex came out, but other things jumped the queue, so I'm only painting them now.  I played a game with my brother over Christmas, so that inspired me to work on my orks again.

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