Culexus Assassin Tutorial Video posted

Following on the pictures is the video tutorial for the Culexus Assassin.  This guy painted up fairly quickly as I did a lot of the base coating at the same time as the other ones, and of course things go faster once you've done it a couple times.  If you're just joining the tutorials I suggest watching them in series as I cover some of the basic stuff in the first ones but don't repeat it each time.

Culexus Assasin pics

Here's couple pics of the Culexus Assassin that I just finished painting.  The tutorial will be up soon, I just need to record the audio to go along with it.  All of the colours are basically the same as the other ones I've done, except the brass colour on the helmet.  As a result the tutorials are getting shorter and just showing some of the different bits.

Eversor Assassin completed and tutorial

Here's the second Assassin I've completed from the Assassinorum boxed set.  This one might be my favourite, mostly because of the dynamic pose.  I think 32mm bases are great for this type of model, even though the 25mm standard one probably makes more sense from a gameplay point of view.

The paint scheme is very similar to the Vindicare, except the red details and skull head.  These are your standard reds and bones.  The vials and tubes had some additional colour too.  I've done all the base coats on the final two, so I should have those tutorials in the coming weeks.

Vindicare Assassin Painting tutorial

I painted this guy up as the first trial from the Assassins box set.  He's a great model, as was seen in the assembly video, and surprisingly simple to paint.  I followed the painting guide that came in the White Dwarf that the box was announced.  Interestingly most of the colours were one layer highlight.  Examples being the red leather straps (just Pink Horror) and metallics (just Runefang).

I'm not sure I nailed the black suit.  Its an interesting highlight technique that tries to simulate a shiny skin, so you have stark highlights that are almost in the recesses.  I think it turned out ok, but not amazing.  I'm going to work on this for the other models as I do them, and we'll see if I can improve on the technique.  It also works for things like Savage Orc skin, so I'm keen to learn.

Assassins pictures

I'm working on painting the Vindicare assassin, and he's coming along quite well.  No pics to share of the progress yet, but I've got the base coats and shades all done.

Here are some pictures of the assembled models before base coating them.  I included the Chaos lord since that model is new to me.  There's also a couple animated gif's that google auto-awesomed for me.  Pretty impressive and should paint up relatively quickly since the paint scheme is fairly simple.

Assassins Assembly video

Here's a video showing how these guys assemble.  The detail on the mini's is amazing, but that's to be expected these days.  The mold lines are very minimal, so just a little scraping is necessary.  I can't wait to get started on painting these guys.

For some reason my pictures of the finished models didn't upload automatically, so I'll add another post tomorrow with those.

Unboxing Assassinorum Execution Force

So I when I saw this I was sold... then I heard about the Knight release and couldn't decide... well, in the end I picked this up, so here's the unboxing.  I love GW's new plastic characters, so with 4 in the box this makes sense to me.

The details are amazing, but we knew about the mini's.  The actual game looks decent quality, and the boards are pretty heavy duty. I'm not sure how playable the game will be, but they put some effort into this.

Here' the unboxing video along with some sprue pics of the Assassins.

How to paint Iyaden

Another one from the archives, but not so long ago.  How to paint an eldar guardian in Iyaden craft world colours.  You can check out the original post here:

I'm hoping to pick up the Assassins game tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some stuff to post for that.

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