Armies on Parade - Silver for my Orks!

I managed to jump over to my local Games Workshop with a pile of Orks on Saturday for the armies on parade competition.  Even better, I managed to pull of a Silver medal!  I was beaten by an impressive dwarf army that had an amazing display board.  I just crammed as many cool models as I could on a Realm of Battle board piece and hoped for the best... and it worked out.  More pictures after the break, and the other entries can be found on the Appleby Village Games Workshop facebook page.

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors

Its been a while since I've posted anything, so here's an older tutorial for my Dark Eldar Kabalite warriors.  I've got a bunch of Dark Eldar that need to be painted, and I'd like to catch up on them when I get a chance.  In the mean time, here's a tutorial showing the basic paint scheme for my army.

Space Hulk Genestealer tutorial (Quick and easy)

Ok, so a confession... I started painting the Space Hulk Terminators from the last release and never finished them.  I didn't even start the Genestealers, so now I want to correct that by painting these guys up quickly.  I hope to spend a bit more time on the broodlord, but the main ones need a quick paint job.  Below is a tutorial that's basically a drybrush and wash technique to paint up the 22 genestealers fast.  Should look decent on the table top, definitely better than table top.

Ork Mek Tutorial

Here's the new Plastic Ork Mek all painted up in Evil Sunz colours.  I wanted to go with a more traditional Mek look (red with blue pants), but it would be easy to swap the feature colour out for another clan pretty easily.  The magnetized arm looks decent, and I painted up both weapons so that they are available in case I ever get a game in.

As usual, video after the break and painting guide lower down as well as lots of pics of the finished model.

Space hulk 2009 Unboxing

I'm excited about the re-release of Space Hulk... its a good chance for me to finish painting the figures from the 2009 version.  I dug up some pictures from the archives (below) to show what was in the box that time around.  I'm also working on some painting tutorials to get up for the new edition. From what I've read the contents are virtually the same.  I'm curious to see the special rules for other chapters... maybe they'll release rules for other races like they did back with 2nd edition Space Hulk.

Imperial Guard Commissar Tutorial (plus video)

Or Astra Militarum Officio Prefectus whatever the trademarked name is now.

I really like the new single sprue charactors, so that's why I painted this guy up. Just a quick paint with nothing fancy.  Simple and effective.

For the black I used my typical, base + highlight then wash to tone down the highlights.  I suppose I could mix black and grey for the first highlights, but I think this works well enough.  With black its often a good idea to smooth out the highlights with a little black to help with the transition.  The same goes with most base colours, but especially with dark ones where the layer is quite a bit lighter than the base.

Spacewoff Stormwolf/Stormfang Unboxing video

Here's a look at the new Spacewolf flyer... its a pretty cool transport, but I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole frost cannon thing.  I'm going to paint it up to go with my bloodclaws to replace the land raider that I had been using (ineffectively) for them.

Its a decent looking kit, but most of the space wolf icons are built into it, so if you wanted to use it for something else it would take a bit of work.

High Elf Sword masters Tutorial

I did a unit of these guys way back when Island of Blood came out, and its been one of the more popular videos on my youtube channel ever since.  Well, my tutorials have changed a lot since then, so I thought it would be a good idea to paint another batch of them.  I started doing these just before the long drawn out Ork release, so about half way through I switch over to the new video camera.

Anyway, the main difference with the painting techniques is that I sprayed them silver to start, gave them a blue glaze, then did all of the other colours.  It cut out a bunch of steps, and I'm pretty happy with how the metal turned out.

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