Smaug Finished - Better Pictures

Ok, I think these are better pictures.  I took these with my SLR, so they should have plenty of detail... enough to see all my mistakes and short cuts.  There are lots.

Smaug Finished

Wow, what a project.  I took a few breaks along the way, but he's finally done.  I'm sure I could spend a few more months on him, but I think he's complete "enough".  Whenever I'm airbrushing there's always the temptation to go back touch things up with a paint brush, but that kind of defeats the point of using the airbrush.  I think I learned that lesson with the Skaven Vermin lord I did... at some point you cut yourself off for the sake of your sanity.

Anyway, all that said, I'm quite happy with the results of this guy.  Last night was some final highlights on the scales and a little heat treatment to get him to sit perfectly on the base.  His legs and hands didn't line up 100%, so I blasted him with a hairdryer to make some small movements.  I've got the video all lined up, and will be posting that as soon as I can record some audio.

Smaug WIP 5

Ok, so this is getting closer to being finished.  Went back and touched up the red on Smaug, to make it more red, less orange, and fixed the yellowish wing tipes by making them more flesh tone.  I also added some veins in the wings, and am mostly happy with that.  Now I think I need to paint the spines by hand (black and highlighted) and he'll be done.  I also made some more progress on the base by highlighting all of the metal trunks, so all that's left with that is to finish up the spires he stands on and highlight the wood boxes.

All in all its a pretty impressive model.  I can't decide if I want to sell or keep him... I'm not sure how I'd transport him if I were to try and pack him up... he's far too fragile.

Harlequin Completed tutorial

Ok, it took me a little while to get this video compiled, but here you go.  In the video I show all the steps I took and give some suggestions about ways to do them a little differently.  Whenever you try out something you usually realize during the process that there are better ways of doing it.  For me I realized that they needed more colours after I did the diamond pattern, so I went back and added some bits here and there.

Also, someone commented on youtube about the brush I used for the fine lines. Yes, it looks like crap, but it has a good tip and is very predictable, so it works well with stuff like this.  I should probably replace it, but for now its the brush I use for checkers and other fine designs.

Harlequins Finished

Had a bit of time last night to finish these guys and gals.  All that was left were some final highlights, so it went pretty quickly.  Overall all I like the look, but might have preferred some brighter colours to make them stand out more in my Dark Eldar army.  Regardless, they painted up nicely, and with only 6 of them were very manageable.  I'd like to get some of the skimmers and characters, but I need to finish up Smaug first.

Video tutorial will be coming when I get a chance to record the audio.

Old Blood Thurster and daemons

Lets take a moment and be thankful for our new plastic Crack.  Here's a couple pictures of some old metal daemons of chaos.  I painted these up some time in the 90's.  Yep, that's a 40mm square base on the Blood Thurster.

Remember trying to glue metal?  Man that sucked.  I don't know if it was the super glue back then, or if it was something I was doing wrong, but it was terrible.

These are pictures I took back in 2010 when I was unloading some old stuff.

Harlequin Progress

These guys are coming along nicely.  I'm actually surprised that after two nights of painting I feel like I have solid progress.  I was worried about the diamond patterns, but I think they turned out really well, so I thought I'd share.  I'm using the same pallet as my Dark Eldar in hopes that they will ook like they belong, so that's where I came up with colour patterns.  Up close you can see the errors, but I think the overall impression works.

I do think I want to add some more green and blue before finishing them up. Maybe gloves, boots, jackets, etc.

The Sanguinar Showcase

Here's a showcase of a model I painted a few years back.  This was one of my first major NMM attempts, and probably one of the best. Partly because I had some good reference photos and was willing to spend time working on him.

Here's the post for the tutorial:

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