More Deathwatch progress

Here's another update on my progress.  Working on 4 guys at once (all ones without helmets) and am getting close to the final wash steps.  As before, I've skipped the normal wash step after base coats and will do a gloss wash right at the end.  Things are coming together quickly now, and the next time I get a change to work on these guys I'll probably do them one at a time since I'm basically down to individual details (all the assembly line stuff is almost done).

Deathwatch kill team progress

I made a bit more progress on the space marine side of the overkill box.  I have two guys done, and the rest are now have the airbrushed black (and grey) plus some silver and gold.  I'll probably keep going with the whole batch until the gold is done, then just do a few at a time for the remaining colours.  The next step will be gold, then layer 1 of both the Gold and Silver then blue glaze for the left arms and a quick drybrush on that one.

Deathwatch Overkill: finished Cassius and Delassio

I made a bit of progress on the space marine side of the Deathwatch box.  I painted up Cassius and Delassio as a sort of test of my methods that I plan to use for the whole team.  I'm quite happy with the result and enjoyed painting two guys instead of 10-20 in a batch.  I pained the black armour and first highlight with my airbrush, so after that it was basically details.  I'm still experimenting with the gloss shades, but I think its working out well.  The general idea with them is to do the base colour and highlights first, then finishing with the shade.  I think this simplifies the process and takes out the step where you have to brighten things up after doing a normal shade.  The gloss really settles in the deeper areas without affecting the highlights, so I think this works out well.

A couple colours use a different process, such as the deathwatch silver arm.  For them I did, base, layer, blue glaze then a light drybrush highlight.  Just about everything else was base, layer, layer 2 then gloss shade.  For the armour it was black base, grey airbrush highlight then a thin edge highlight with Fenris Grey.

Next up, I've assembled the rest of the Deathwatch team and will do the airbrush step all at once.

Genestealer Cult update and notes about Orange

The cult is almost done now.  I'm cutting them off once I finish up the last layer of Orange.  I could keep going, but the point is to be efficient, and adding teeth, eyes, etc at this point kind of defeats the point.

There were a few comments about the orange on these guys, so I thought I'd list the recipe I've used.

Base: Jokero Orange (or Ratskin flesh, note below)
Shade: Fuegan Orange
Touch up: Jokero Orange (layers are very transparent, so a quick touch up on all the raised sections helps)
Layer 1: Troll Slayer Orange (this is quite transparent, so if you don't do Jokero Orange it won't be very bright)
Layer 2: Fire Dragon Bright (this just goes along sharp edges to pull out the details)

Note about the base, to save time I used Ratskin flesh on both the skin and orange for the base coat.  After the shade (purple for the flesh and orange for the cloth) you wouldn't really be able to tell, and I think it helped speed things up a little.

In the pictures below the two characters have the final orange highlight, but the other guys don't.

Genestealer Cult progress

I've been working on the primus and magus from the Genestealer cult half of the death watch box.  These guys are pretty sweet models and with my simple paint scheme they paint up pretty fast.  I tried out the new gloss wash (nuln oil) of the grey bits and am pretty happy with it.  It seems to collect in the deeper areas without tinting the raised portions as much.  I'll have to see how it looks after a dull coat spray, but for now it seems to be a good improvement. I painted a few more details after these pics, including a purple tint for the flesh... but they are done now, so its on to the final batch of 4th generation cultists now.

Ultramarine Commander almost done

I started working on this guy when I was doing the Ultramarine half of the Calth box set.  The blue was airbrushed and all the base colours done, so it was just a matter of finishing him off.  He's almost there now... just need to add some text to the banner and his shoulder pad and add a decal.

He's a mix of parts from the Ultramarine upgrade sprue and the old space marine commander multipart box.

Deathwatch Genestealer Cult progress

I've bee slowly working on the genestealer cult from the deathwatch box.  My goal is to have a simple paint scheme, but my lack of free time has made this a longer than hoped progress.  The purestrains, primarch and familiars are basically done now, and the hybrids have the base coats.

For the purestrains blue and purples I have been using reaper paints, and I really like how bright the colours are on them.  For the hybrids I need to do some washes and finish up the lights before moving onto the cultists and characters.

Future Floor polish

I had a question on my last post about where to find Future Floor Polish.  Anybody who's tried to find it will know that it doesn't exist by that name, but just about everybody still calls it that.

First off, what is it?  Basically its an acrylic gloss medium that meant to coat furniture but works amazingly well for hobby purposes.  It goes on easily in from an airbrush or regular brush.  You can use it for general gloss coats, protecting layers underneath when using oil paints, or using it as a base for decals to prevent silvering.  With oils the key thing is that its acrylic based, so thinners won't eat through it.  This is important if you're doing an oil wash and rubbing it off later because a regular gloss spray is oil based and will dissolve with your wash.

I think I first found out the name changed in a model train magazine, so when I saw this in Walmart I knew it was really Future floor polish in disguise.  Here's a few pictures of the bottle I have.  It was purchased a few years ago in Canada, but I believe its the same thing in the USA.

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