Ultramarine progress - Airbrushing

I finally got around to airbrushing these guys.  I had to check that my compressor wouldn't wake up my son, and thankfully being at the opposite side of the house was sufficient.  So that means I can work on things while he's napping or sleeping.

Anyway, I added some highlighting layers to these guys.  I'm using Badger minitaire paints, and found that they weren't really adding much until I added some white to the paint.  In the future I think I'm going to start with a black base rather than blue and work up the colours.  After a blue and white coat I added some blue ghost tint to the models.  Some of it helped, but I also think I may have messed up some areas.  Maybe I'll give these guys another shot before moving on to brushing on the other colours.

Calth Ultramarines Base coated

Here's a couple pics of my Ultramarine force before and after the base coat.  I used double sided tape to attach them to the strips of wood and sprayed them with some army painter sprays.  Nothing fancy here.  I did the underside of the shoulder pads gold in hopes that it'll save time when I do the edges.  Next up will be some zenith highlights with the airbrush followed by the additional base colours.

I'm thinking the process will be:

Spray base coat
Airbrush highlights
Additional colours
Airbrush gloss (future floor polish)
Oil wash
Matte spray
Decals (maybe paint some gloss on areas for decals first)
Final highlights (going to try water colour pencils)
Matte Spray

Final assembly and basing.

Hopefully this will be quick and easy.

More Space Wolves ebay listing pictures

Well, bidding has jumped to $405, so that's a good sign.  Here's some pictures of the models in the KR multicases that are included.


Space Wolves listed on ebay

Here's the link to my Space Wolves army that's posted on ebay.
Right now you'll get an amazing deal at $0.99 + shipping, but I hope that won't last. This is the army that I painted in all of the tutorials posted here, minus Njal the Stormcaller, because he's known as Bob now and lives at Miniwargaming.

Check it out, place a bid and feel free to ask some questions.  Here's some pictures of the army.

Assembling Cataphractii Terminators

Man, I'm having a hard time finding time to assemble all the guys from this box.  So many bits to clean up so it takes for ever.  I guess that's a blessing and a curse with not having single pose models.  Lots of options, but takes way longer.

Hersey Marines

I've started assembling the first squad of marines from the Betrayal at Calth box.  So far its your typical marine assembly.  I was getting flash backs to my early years with the original plastic marines when assembling the rocket launcher.  Its interesting how they have tried to match the look based on a design that's what, 25 years old?

A few observations:
-Adding the hands to the weapons will make for better assembly, but makes painting a bit more difficult (can't leave the weapons off).
-I don't like the pose that I ended up with for the sergent with lightening claw.  Might have to repose it.

Contemptor Re-pose

At the suggestion of MiniWarBlog in my comments I reposed the contemptor's torso and assault cannon.  To get a minimal cut I used a sharp exacto knife rather than the razor saw.  The saw would have cut out about 1mm out, and I didn't want to build a spacer.  So I rotated the torso slightly and did the same with the weapon arm to give a slightly more dynamic pose.

Here's a look at the top half of the torso after cutting:

Betrayal at Calth Comptemptor Assembly

Hobbits are done, and now on to my next project, the Horus Heresy, Betrayal at Calth.  I decided to start by assembling the Contemptor and I think I'll try to do all of the Word Bearers first before moving onto the Ultra marines.  I'm hoping to airbrush them, so I'll be doing some sub assembly first before applying the main colours.  Hopefully I can come up with an efficient process.  I'm thinking of leaving their backpacks and shoulder pads off, but I'm not sure about their weapons.

As for the Contemptor, I think I'll make a few cuts and rotate the arms and torso.  It looks pretty static and maybe a little modification will go a long way.

Some hobbits battling it out on my desk:

Ready to dig into the Contemptor sprue:

Assembly done, needs some magnets:

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