Genestealer Cult progress

I've been working on the primus and magus from the Genestealer cult half of the death watch box.  These guys are pretty sweet models and with my simple paint scheme they paint up pretty fast.  I tried out the new gloss wash (nuln oil) of the grey bits and am pretty happy with it.  It seems to collect in the deeper areas without tinting the raised portions as much.  I'll have to see how it looks after a dull coat spray, but for now it seems to be a good improvement. I painted a few more details after these pics, including a purple tint for the flesh... but they are done now, so its on to the final batch of 4th generation cultists now.

Ultramarine Commander almost done

I started working on this guy when I was doing the Ultramarine half of the Calth box set.  The blue was airbrushed and all the base colours done, so it was just a matter of finishing him off.  He's almost there now... just need to add some text to the banner and his shoulder pad and add a decal.

He's a mix of parts from the Ultramarine upgrade sprue and the old space marine commander multipart box.

Deathwatch Genestealer Cult progress

I've bee slowly working on the genestealer cult from the deathwatch box.  My goal is to have a simple paint scheme, but my lack of free time has made this a longer than hoped progress.  The purestrains, primarch and familiars are basically done now, and the hybrids have the base coats.

For the purestrains blue and purples I have been using reaper paints, and I really like how bright the colours are on them.  For the hybrids I need to do some washes and finish up the lights before moving onto the cultists and characters.

Future Floor polish

I had a question on my last post about where to find Future Floor Polish.  Anybody who's tried to find it will know that it doesn't exist by that name, but just about everybody still calls it that.

First off, what is it?  Basically its an acrylic gloss medium that meant to coat furniture but works amazingly well for hobby purposes.  It goes on easily in from an airbrush or regular brush.  You can use it for general gloss coats, protecting layers underneath when using oil paints, or using it as a base for decals to prevent silvering.  With oils the key thing is that its acrylic based, so thinners won't eat through it.  This is important if you're doing an oil wash and rubbing it off later because a regular gloss spray is oil based and will dissolve with your wash.

I think I first found out the name changed in a model train magazine, so when I saw this in Walmart I knew it was really Future floor polish in disguise.  Here's a few pictures of the bottle I have.  It was purchased a few years ago in Canada, but I believe its the same thing in the USA.

Calth Finished

I'm calling this one done.  I changed my mind about doing oil washes for the Word Bearers, so I was able to finish up in a few less steps.  I'd say that they are a good table top level, but I'm happy with them.  Everything is back in the box and the board pieces are still unpunched.  Maybe I'll get a game in some day, but for now they are in the stack of fully painted GW games (Space Hulk, Dreadfleet,  and Assiasinorium).  I've got the deathwatch box now and have the genestealer half assembled and primed...

The stages for the word bearers were:
Spray black base
Red airbrushing (directional highlighting)
Silver details
Black details
Green eyes
Gloss spray (airbrushed future floor polish)
Decals (using micro sol and micro set)
matte spray (testors dull coat)
Shoulder pad silver edging
green eye highlights

Calth Word bearers progress

Here's a quick picture showing the state of things on my Calth set.  The Word Bearers are almost ready for their oil paint treatment, and the Ultramarines are pretty much done.  The bases are basically done as well, so they are passable as table top ready, but I'd like to add some more details and highlights.

Calth Word Bearers progress

I was able to carve out a little time last night to lay down a better red on the word bearer tactical troops.  I used GW paints in my airbrush and am quite happy with the brightness of the red.  The Minnitare paints don't go well over darker colours, but the GW ones have better pigments.

I'll have to retouch the black bits and add the silver before I can move onto the oil wash.

Calth Ultramarines almost done

A little more progress on the Calth Ultramarines.  I have all the decals done on the tactical squad and terminators, so they can get a matte spray and finish up the bases.  I may try to do some edge highlights, but that's not necessary for the level of finish I'm going for on these guys.  The terminator captain is almost done, just some more highlights and decals and he'll be done too.  The Word Bearer guy needs some work, but I'm liking how the red is looking on him so far.

Its good that I'm making progress since my Deathwatch box is showing up this weekend...

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