Finished Full size X-Men vs Sentinel Chibi diorama

Here's the full size version of the Diorama.  Lots of fun details, and a huge project.  I took longer because I played with the idea of adding internal lighting.

Most base colours were done with the airbrush, and details were done with layers using a mix of citadel and reaper paints.

Finished Xmen diorama at 50%

I finally finished up the last two figures on the X-men vs Sentinel diorama.  I joined the preorder in early march, and it was released around the start of our lockdown.  I started with a full size version, but once I had it all printed I decided I needed a 50% size one that I could actually display.  That's what this is.  Storm and Jean were a stretch bonus that I had to pay extra for.

Click more below to continue... details about where to purchase and tons of pictures.


Here's a new addition to my showcase.  Its a 3d printed Snake-Eyes fan model.  I messaged the owner and he sent me the files, my brother cleaned them up a bit in zbrush, and printed them in resin.  Actually, he printed 2 copies, one for him, one for me.  I painted them both, and here's the one I kept.

Yeah, I'm still finishing up my Chibi X-men, but this guy was pretty simple so he jumped the queue.

Xmen diorama 50% scale almost done

So after getting started on the full size diorama I realized that I wouldn’t have anywhere to display it. As a result I also started a 50% scale version. It’s been much faster to paint and I’m almost done. Here’s what it looks like when I dry fit all the painted stuff.

X-men diorama at 50% scale

I decided that I needed to do a version of this at 50% because the full size one is too big to display.  At this size it'll fit nicely in my Ikea Detolf case.  So far everything is being done in PLA at super fine settings and is looking nicely, but the rest of the figures will be done in resin by my brother.  Chubi charactors are possible to do in FDM, but supporting and thin pieces are tricky, so resin is better for that.

X-Men diorama - Colossus WIP

Making some progress on the guys on my work bench.  Here's Colossus.  I airbrushed the silver (Vallejo Gunmetal + Vallejo Aluminum highlight) and brushed on the red and yellow.  I'll do some highlighting of the colors and add a GW gloss wash to the silver.  Maybe some other washes to add depth between colours, but overall a pretty simple paint scheme.

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