Astra Militarium Cadian with Contrast

Another quick contrast tutorial, but this one showing how to paint up a Cadian trooper for Astra Militarium.  If you're collecting an army of these guys this will help get them looking good quickly and on the table top.

Farstriders with contrast paints

Here's a quick tutorial on how to paint Stormcast guys quickly using Contrast paints for a non-metallic gold look.  Its not the best paint job, but its quick and easy and I think it looks decent on the table top.  Check after the jump for more pictures and a link to the youtube video.

Underworlds Eyes of the Nine

Another warband painted up for Warhammer Underworlds.  These guys were a combination of contrast paints and standard methods to get a decent outcome in a reasonable amount of time.  One of the challenges with this warband is that there's such a diversity in painting the different troops.

Ork Boyz with Contrast

Here's a quick tutorial for painting Ork boyz using contrast paints.  Since most ork armies need lots of boyz it's handy to have a method to get the masses painted quickly.  The nice thing with contrast paints is that you can always go back and add highlights, but its not necessary if you just want table top level guys.

Khorne Blood Secrator with Contrast paints

I picked this guy out of my old Age of Sigmar starter kit because there are rules for him in Silver tower.  I've been painting up all the figures and expansions for that, but haven't had a chance to play it yet.  Anyway, gave this guy a go with contrast paints and am pretty happy with the results, especially his big icon.  Very simple to do with contrast and decent results for the amount of work required.

Skaven Warlord with Contrast paints

Here's a Skaven clawlord/warlord painted up with contrast paints.  As expected he painted up pretty quickly.  I used contrast paints for a non-metallic metal look on the silver and bronze areas.  This is passable, but a little more effort with some highlights or drybrushing would really help.

How to paint Magore's Fiends

Here's a tutorial for Magore's fiends.  I painted them up in a pretty standard colour scheme.  I laid down the red first with my airbrush then painted everything overtop of that.

I've pick up some contrast paints, so my next tutorials will probably be experimenting with different techniques (short cuts) with them.

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