Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge and familiars finished

I finally finished the Ogroid and familiars... I decided to do 4, since the info I could find online suggested that's all you need in the game.  Anyway, it would be pretty fast to paint up the rest if needed.

Silver Tower Gaunt Summoner finished

Here's a couple pics of the Gaunt Summoner.  I finished him along with the Kairic Acolytes and Skaven Assassins (which were basically done), so getting close to working on heroes.  Does anybody know if you need all 8 familairs in the game, or are 4 all that's needed?  I'd rather just paint what's needed.

These pics were taken just before he was finished, but you get the idea.

Silver Tower WIP Acolytes and Skaven

A little more progress over the weekend on my Silver tower set.  The Acolytes are almost done... probably just need a few quick highlights.  The Skaven Assassins are done, and now its onto some of the familiars and characters.

In other news, I played a game of Betrayal at Calth with my brother.  We played learnt the rules and played the intro mission.  Pretty fun game, and nice rules mechanics.  I like the hex square movement more than I thought I would.  I expect we'll try to play through the missions over the Christmas break,

More Silver Tower Progress

Lets start off with a shot of the shelf that's slowly getting filled up.  As you can see, the hero side doesn't have any of the proper box guys, just the mighty hero expansion and some other singles from my fantasy collection.  The monsters are slowly filling up, and I took a break from the bunches of guys to do the two skaven (pics after the break).

Silver Tower Tazaagors finished

I had a chance to finish off the Tazaagors over the weekend.  I basically followed the paint splatter guide, with the exception of the gold. For that I used the Vallejo liquid gold (alcohol based paint).  It comes our really shiny, almost a gold leaf look.  I may give it a gloss shade wash, but for now its just pure gold.

Silver Tower Painting progress

I'm working my way through the villains in the Silver Tower box... trying to keep things efficient and simple, so I'm priming in base colours and not going over the top with layers.

Silver Tower Mighty Heroes progress

Here's some progress shots of my first batch of Silver Tower guys.  I don't actually have the main box yet, so I've started working on some of the expansion heros.  These guys are almost done, with some more almost than others.  Not pictured is the khorne guy from the White dwarf, but I showed him earlier.  Details after the break.

Deathwatch Overkill final WIP post

This should be the last progress shot of these guys.  I think I've finished all of the bits on theses guys, just have to do some edge highlights on the black and apply the gloss washes.  After that I'll do some final touch-ups on the whole set before taking some complete set photos.  I'm excited to be done these guys and will be happy to move along from space marines (not my favourite thing to paint).

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