Khorne Blood Secrator with Contrast paints

I picked this guy out of my old Age of Sigmar starter kit because there are rules for him in Silver tower.  I've been painting up all the figures and expansions for that, but haven't had a chance to play it yet.  Anyway, gave this guy a go with contrast paints and am pretty happy with the results, especially his big icon.  Very simple to do with contrast and decent results for the amount of work required.

Skaven Warlord with Contrast paints

Here's a Skaven clawlord/warlord painted up with contrast paints.  As expected he painted up pretty quickly.  I used contrast paints for a non-metallic metal look on the silver and bronze areas.  This is passable, but a little more effort with some highlights or drybrushing would really help.

How to paint Magore's Fiends

Here's a tutorial for Magore's fiends.  I painted them up in a pretty standard colour scheme.  I laid down the red first with my airbrush then painted everything overtop of that.

I've pick up some contrast paints, so my next tutorials will probably be experimenting with different techniques (short cuts) with them.

Sepulchral Guard Tutorial and pics

Here's a tutorial and some pics of the Sepulchral Guard from Warhammer Underworlds.  I experimented with some inks to see if I could come up with a homebrew contrast (didn't work), and I talk about that in the video.  I may have used the wrong paints, mixes or even the undercoat... not sure, but when I have a chance to use the contrast paints I'll post an update.

Video and more pics after the break.

Ylthari's Guardians how to paint and pics

I started these guys right after Thundrik's warband, but wasn't able to get at them over the weekend.  Overall they were fun to paint.  I think what made it a lot easier was airbrushing the base colours (roughly).  This meant I didn't need to do multiple coats of light grey to get good coverage on their skin.  Other than that these guys were pretty straight forward.  Check out the video and additional pictures below.

Thundrik's Profiteers - tutorial and pics

These guys painted up pretty quick, and were pretty fun.  I started with a silver base and added variation to the metallics from there and some different colours for the fabric and leather details.  I used the Skywardens as my guide for colours (purple suits, light brown leather and black boots).  I tried to add lots of copper because I like how it looks.  I checked out the official video and found the guys a bit dark, so tried for a brighter look. Video and more pics after the break.

Ironskull's Boyz tutorial and pics

I just finished up the Ironskull's boyz for Warhammer Underworlds.  This warband painted up nice and fast since they have a fairly simple paint scheme.  The yellow is a little tricky to keep bright and clean, but I think it turned out ok.  You don't want it to perfect as these guys are orruks (orcs), and aren't likely to keep their stuff in good shape.

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