Gorkanaut Size Comparison

**Update** I've added some painted pics at the bottom of this post, but a whole lot more can be found on the painting tutorial page http://itslikewatchingpaintdry.blogspot.ca/2014/06/gorkanaut-finished-and-tutorial.html

As with any new model from GW, its always interesting to see how its size compares to existing ones.  There seems to be a trend to larger kits (probably to charge more), so lets see how the Gorkanaut stacks up to other things.

A few items to note, the base is the new large oval base that was first seen with the Knight.  Also, I haven't glued the legs yet, so it will stand slightly taller, but that said you can't really make them straight, so its hard to make it look like its mid step.

From my eyeball (ie, not measured), its about half the size of a stompa, double the deff dread.  Its slightly bigger than the forgeworld mega dread but bulkier.  Compared to the Knight, its shorter but blikier... so a similar feel on the tabletop.

As for transport capacity, 6 orks is pushing it, but that's normal for GW transports.  3 meganobs would be cozy (pic at bottom).  I really hope its an assault vehicle, otherwise the transport capacity isn't very useful.

More pics after the break.


  1. Thanks so much for this!!!!! You even had a mega dread on here. Couldn't have asked for anything more!

  2. It looks like a nice progression in terms of size. Now all thats needed is a Gargant... come on Forgeworld, quit with the Heresy stuff for a bit.

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  4. Hello

    I'm wondering if I could use one of your size comparison pictures on my blog? I would of course put a link to this post and mention your excellent blog and youtube channel.

    Thanks, Leif

    1. of course... as long as things are sourced and linked I'm happy

    2. Thank you. It's up at http://figurfanatikern.blogspot.se/2014/07/its-not-easy-being-green.html
      including a link to your blog and youtube channel.



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