Mek Gun and Trukk Kitbash (1+1=4)

Here's a tutorial, or walk through on how I made 4 Mek Gunz from the Ork Mek Gun and Ork Trukk boxes.  The basic idea is simple, use the Trukk wheels and bits to make gun carriages.  I built the Tracktor kannon straight out of the box, and the other three are kitbashes... if you wanted you could mix and match all 4.  I'd also recommend using other bits in your collection, but I refrained in the video to keep it simple... with the exception of the Kannon and Zapp gun from the Battle Wagon kit (I figure most Ork collectors will have one or two of those lying around.

Video after the break and pictures below.   Any questions? ask away...


  1. Awesome, good bang for your buck with this conversion.

  2. Lol. I love'em. They look way better this way. Proppa Mek job!

  3. You sir are a genius. Thanks so much for not only doing these conversions, but showing how you did them so the rest of us (who are less creative), can benefit!

  4. I think I prefer yours, as each one has individual character as opposed to all looking the same, just with a different gun.

  5. Oh yeah. I got myself a Trukk and a Mek Gun, and I am going to try to make these ^^

    Wish me luck!

    1. Just started orks and have both kits that are needed!


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