Ork Meganobz/Big Mek Magnetization details

Here's some details about how I magnetized the Meganobz box.  I think I covered every option, including magnetizing the head on the Big Mek so that he can be a Meganob.  The kit makes it easy to swap the hands without magents.  There is a peg on the arm that push fits into the fist, and you can make all the Killsaws, power klaws and combi-weapons without duplicating parts.  This is great since GW has a bad habit of using the same part in two options (to save space on the sprue).

For the Kombi-shootas I used 1/16" magnets on each side as pictured below.  Its really important to get this aligned as closely as possible since 1/16" is so small.  Otherwise they are pretty simple.

For the Big Mek I use a 1/8" magnet in the head and shoulders since i had the room to go bigger.  A corresponding 1/8" magnet went into the Teloporta and Kustom Force Field, but the boss pole (for Meganob option) only has a 1/16" magnet.  

Pics below, and I'm happy to answer questions in the comments below.


  1. what is the size (in milimeters) of the magnets used in the combi weapons? I have some 2mm wide 1mm tall magnets and when I compare them to were you put yours they seem at at least 1 and half times larger

    1. Shaun - the magnets are 1/16 diameter by 1/32 thick. This is close to 1.6mm diameter by 0.8mm.


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