3d printed walls for Cursed City preview

 Here's a preview video of a project my brother has been working on... 3d printed walls and doors for Warhammer Quest, The Cursed City.  I've been printing some prototype parts over the past weeks (pictures after the jump), and he is using some of my painted models for his photos and videos. 

The system is pretty simple and uses magnets to hold it all together.  There are spherical magnets in the base plates and bottoms of the walls that are loose and self align.  The walls have small cylindrical magnets about half way up that connect walls and doors to each other.

I've been printing some pieces in between other print jobs.  My pieces have the magnets inserted but haven't been painted yet.  I might do a batch of painting once I have a full layout printed.

This is an early prototype where the support grid in the middle is a separate piece.  For symmetrical tiles (squares, rectangles) this has been simplified with just a top and bottom. 

This one needed a separate print for the middle.  I'm printing on a 400x400 print bed (CR-1a0S4)

First trial short wall (sorry for the bad lighting).  The small piece on the right holds the spherical magnet in the bottom. Walls also come in double this length.

Door slides in from the top (as seen in the preview video).

The cardboard tiles sit snugly in the top and the walls go around the outside.  The spacing between tiles is the same as the doors, so the overall footprint is the same.

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