Astorath Complete

Finished this guy up last night, and was suprised how long it took to get all the details done. Actually, it was the scrolls that took forever. They don't usually take that long, but there are so many on this guy. I'll have to remember that for Sanguinar. I kind of followed the orc boar boy red armour from WD 364, except I did a black wash first. In hind sight I shouldn't have done such a dark wash on it, but by the time I figured that out I wasn't going to repaint it all. The wings were done similar to Lamartes, except I used a mix of pure black, water and badab black to tone down the highlights.

I bought my Astorath from mwg here

Previous posts with work in progress shots are here:
Astorath WIP 1
Astorath WIP 2

The other thing I did do was try a NMM gold. There are no metallic paints on this guy, and I'm fairly happy with the results. I'll have to keep working on that technique.


  1. WOW! Tremendous, tremendous work. Nice subtle, yet menacing highlights. Give us (me) some recipes here!

  2. @Wallshammer - Thanks. Which recipes would you like? I use a combination of GW and Reaper paints and either use the Reaper triads (shade, mid, highlight) or GW combinations from White Dwarf articles.

  3. Wow! Cool... nicely painted. I did thought of getting Astorath the Grim and The Sanguinor Exemplar of the Host painted, and display them side by side, like angel and devil... Cheers!

  4. Astropath? .. Man thats alot of conversion work to go into something that just gives you 1+ to your reserve... ooooh, NM

    All kidding aside it looks fantastic, great job

  5. That's an excellent paint job mate, his opponents will feel too ashamed to engage him in close combat!

  6. Extraordinary doesn't even begin to describe it..

  7. Great color choice on the armor. Reminds me of Bram stokers dracula (The movie from the mid 90's, not the book). Vald the impaler wears similar stuff: like twizzlers of human flesh, grotesquely sinuous. Well done.


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