How to: Space Hulk Terminator base magnetization

Here's how I went about magnetizing my Space Hulk Terminators so that the can be put on 40mm bases for 40k, but also used without the bases for Space Hulk. I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but here's one way to skin the cat. This article was orginally written for

What you will need:
Space Hulk
1/16" x 1/32" Magnets (2 per terminator)
1/8" x 1/16" Magnets(2 per terminator)
1/4" x 1/16" Magnets (Optional, 1 per terminator)
Green Stuff (only a tiny bit is needed)
40mm bases (1 per Terminator)
Hobby Drill (with 1/16" bit)
1/8" drill bit
Sand paper or file
Hobby Knife

Step 1:
Remove terminator from sprue and file the base flat.

Step 2:
Drill 1/16" holes in base right under feet. You don't need to go too deep, only about half way through the foot, not as deep as I went in the second picture (I'll have to fix that with green stuff).

Step 3:
Drill a shallow hole in the same spot with the 1/8" drill bit (do this by hand). You only need it about 1 or 2mm deep, just enough to make a pocket for the top of a magnet to catch. Notice that the 1/16" hole is still visible and goes a bit deeper.

Step 4:
Drill 1/16" holes in the 40mm round base in line with the holes in the terminator's feet. Enlarge these to 1/8" holes. If they are slightly out of line you can enlarge them with your hobby knife. Green stuff will be used, so it's ok if they are a bit big.

Step 5:
Make up a small bit of green stuff. A pea sized ball will be enough.

Step 6:
Get aside your magnets, and make sure they are inline. This is how they will end up:

Step 7:
Put a small amount of glue on the top 1/16" magnet and put it in the hole. The 1/8" magnet will help you position this, and it should stick out below the bottom of the terminator's base. Be careful how much glue you use, as you don't want the 1/8" magnet to stick to the Terminator.

Step 8:
Put the 40mm base on, and add a bit of Superglue.

Step 9:
Squish two small balls of green stuff over these magnets. Make sure you don't push the magnets through. You can flip it over and push the terminator down to make sure it is flat on the round base.

Step 10 (Optional):
This step is added so that I can use cookie tins to transport my guys. Check the other article in my channel for a tutorial on this.

Add some super glue and the rest of the green stuff and squish the 1/4" by 1/16" magnet to the base. Let it stick down a bit and squash it in place by pressing the base on a flat surface.

All done!
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