Orc and Goblin army list

This Saturday my local club (miniwargaming.com) is having a WFB tournament that I'm hoping to play in. I haven't actually played Fantasy yet, so it might be interesting. I'm in the process of building my army list (as I assemble it as well), so it should be interesting. Currently what I'm pretty sure I'm bringing are:

4x 20 night goblins with spears (3 with fanatics)
2x 20 night goblins with bows
2x 10 orcs with bows
13 black orcs
1 giant
1 doom diver
1 orc boar chariot
1 rock lobba
2x 10 spider riders
1x goblin boss on a giant spider

I'm not sure what else to bring, but so far that's not a lot of points (its a 2000 pt tournament). I have some heros and a Wyvern. I'm not familiar with magic in fantasy, so that could prove to be a bit of a problem. Anyway, hopefully it goes ok, and I learn a bunch.

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