Starting a base coat

I've started base coating some of my Fantasy Orcs and Goblins. This is a bit of an experiment... instead of base coating everything black (as I did with all my 40k orks), I'm going to try a dark red. I want my army to look semi uniform, and I think reds look great on the table top. I'm using Krylon Burgundy Satin finish spray paint, so we'll see how this works. I'm thinking that I want my night goblins to be a deep red as well instead of the usual black. I'll probably bring it down darker with some ink washes, but we'll see. I've assembled some of my old orcs that I got from the fantasy box a couple editions ago. I bought those from a university room mate and they have been on the sprues ever since.

1 comment:

  1. I used a similar approach with my Lustwing and I loved the results.
    Using a color as opposed to black or white definitely gives your army a unique look. Especially if you use colors in conjunction with your base color.


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