Ok, so I teased a little yesterday with the Azhag model. I'm not going to start painting him just yet. I still have the spear chukka crew to finish, and I decided to continue on the giant. I had started him a while back (sprayed him and started the flesh). I've made progress on the flesh, and painted up the bone and wood. The bone was with the reaper bone triad, and the wood was GW (Chardon granite - graveyard earth - Kommando Khaki). I've also started on the red for his pants (reaper deep red and blood red).


  1. Looking really good so far..! I have my Giant still waiting for painting. It´s a giant project, so haven´t got to it yet :) Maybe this will inspire me!

  2. @ Alexander man - thanks. The intimidating part of the giant (for me) was the skin. It requires such a different technique than I'm used to. I really should have airbrushed it first to get the nice transitions. I still think I'm going to try and touch it up with the airbrush.


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