Planet Strike battle report

Saturday was part 3 of the Tyranid campaign thewelland warhammer club ( is running right now. I played the attacking orks in the morning, and Dan played a defending Ork planet strike game in the afternoon. We combined our models for the games to help take full advantage of the force org charts for planet strike. I wasn't able to stick around for the afternoon, but the attacking force we had was (2000 pts):
Warboss in mega armour
Big mek with Kustom force field
Nobz mob (8 nobz plus painboy, with full wound allocation and battle wagon)
Mega nobz (3 plus battle wagon)
18 storm boyz with nob
20 storm boyz with nob
5 deff koptas with Twin linked rokkits
10 bikers

We were playing against Dave's black templars and managed to pull off a victory by blowing up a couple bastions and taking one over.

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