Mega Death Match Painting Challenge

Over at the forums on they do monthly Death Match painting challenges. Two (or more) people will thrown down the gauntlet and paint up the same mini over the course of a month. At the end each posts pictures and they are voted on by the other forum members. I've entered a couple of these (and won), but this month is different. First off, since we're entering the Christmas season, its going to be two months, so I have until the end of January to finish this model. Secondly, I'm facing off against Mike, MWG's resident commission painter, and Falknerbitz, a forum regular. The best part is that we're all doing the forge world Ork biker boss. I picked this guy up at Gamesday, and I think this will finally serve as motivation to paint him up. Its an impressive model, and I can't wait to try him out on the table once he painted up.

1 comment:

  1. It´s a cool mini! Waiting to see it finished, and the other painters too...
    May the force be with you :)


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