Space wolves list (Take 1)

As I'm assembling my SW army I'm trying to figure out what other stuff to add and how to put together a 2000 pt list. This will be my first marine army, so its all little new to me. Here's what I'm thinking currently:

Canis Wolfborn + 2 wolves (205)

Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Terminator, storm shield, sign of hunter, combi melta, melta bombs, 2 wolves (165)

5 Wolf Guard Terminators in a drop pod (315)
1. Assault Cannon, chain fist
2. Storm Shield, combi plasma
3. Storm Shield, storm bolter, Mark of Wulfen
4. Chain fist, storm bolter
5. Power sword combi plama

WG for Grey hunters Terminator, 2 wolf claws (48)
WG for blood claws, Combi melta, power fist (43)

Dreadnought multimelta, storm bolter (105)

Lone Wolf, mark of the wulfen, melta bombs, 2 wolf claws (100)

10 grey hunters, flamer, melta, plasma pistol, power fist, mark of wulfen, wolf standard (215)

15 Blood claws, flamer, melta, plasma pistol, power fist, mark of wulfen (280)

Heavy Support:
Landraider crusader, multimelta (260)

Long fangs, 2 lascannon, 1 missle launcher, 2 heavy bolters, leader with powerfist (185)
Dedicated Razorback, storm bolter, twin linked lascannon (75)

Total (1996)


  1. Hey man I thought MOW would render your lone wolf's pair of wolf claws useless? I will be putting Logan in a drop pod with a cyclone terminator WG and some long fangs in my list. :)

  2. @Anom- Yeah, you're right. I was thinking that I would get the re-roll, but the rules for MOW don't allow that. humm... I'll have to reconsider that choice.

    I like the idea of Logan with a cyclone termi and the long fangs (for relentless), but I think its a bit cheesy. I will be buying Logan and trying that out some time, but I think it would be a bit much to do that on a regular basis.

  3. Its cheesy along the same lines as Vulcan but I dont think it is as bad (however I could add a drop pod to the long fangs hehehe). I think a lone wolf with MoW and melta bombs would be pretty effective perhaps 2 of them sneaking up behind friendly troops and cover just looking for armor.

  4. I really like the idea of some lone wolf charactors with melta bombs. I'm going to tweak this list a bit and repost it.


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