Space wolves list take 2

Here's a pic of Canis after I finished doing a base coat on his armour with my airbrush. I'll do his mount by hand with the same colours the GW did their wolf pelts.

And here's the list I'm thinking of (modified the lone wolf and added some fenrisian wolves)
Canis Wolfborn + 2 wolves (205)

Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Terminator, storm shield, sign of hunter, combi melta, melta bombs, 2 wolves (165)

5 Wolf Guard Terminators in a drop pod (315)
1. Assault Cannon, chain fist
2. Storm Shield, combi plasma
3. Storm Shield, storm bolter, Mark of Wulfen
4. Chain fist, storm bolter
5. Power sword combi plama

WG for Grey hunters Terminator, 2 wolf claws (48)
WG for blood claws, Combi melta, power fist (43)

Dreadnought multimelta, storm bolter (105)

Lone Wolf, mark of the wulfen, melta bombs, 2 wolves (60)

10 grey hunters, flamer, melta, plasma pistol, power fist, mark of wulfen, wolf standard (215)

15 Blood claws, flamer, melta, plasma pistol, power fist, mark of wulfen (280)

8 Fenrisian wolves (40)

Heavy Support:
Landraider crusader, multimelta (260)

Long fangs, 2 lascannon, 1 missle launcher, 2 heavy bolters, leader with powerfist (185)
Dedicated Razorback, storm bolter, twin linked lascannon (75)

Total (1996)

1 comment:

  1. Wolves are 8 points a piece Paul so 8 of them would be 64 points.
    Also with your long fangs, 4 missile launchers and a lascannon is 155 points, which is 30 points cheaper than your combination and provides good amount of fire power.
    With the 30 points saved you can get in the 8 wolves too.
    Otherwise that's a pretty cool army :)


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