Lucas the Trickster

Ok, similar story with this model as Canis... saw the pictures and didn't like him, but once I started painting him I began to like it more. Its a well sculpted model, its just the facial expression I don't love. I used a bit of a different technique for the armour than I've been doing for everyone else. First difference is that I didn't use my airbrush. I did use the same Reaper paints though... So, what I started with Twilight blue as a full base coat. Then I took Reaper Snow Shadow and drybrushed it on everywhere. I tried to get every surface and what I ended up with was a textured highlight... which I don't want, but it gives me a great guideline for where I do want these colours. Now I went over it all and covered only the parts that were hit with the drybrush with a thick glaze of Snow Shadow. Since this is the same colour as the drybrush I was able to get nice coverage with one thin layer. Lastly some edge highlights with Ghost White and the armour is done. All in all he painted up really fast. Now that I've done a lot of Space Wolves doing a single model seems really quick... and I have all the colours figured out, so I don't have to experiment.

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