Orc Pirate Heads

Check out what the mailman delivered yesterday... I've been checking them out for a while and finally pulled the plug. They are awesome. I hadn't been sure about the scale, but they are almost exactly the same size as regular Ork boy heads (not nob heads). There are 8 different heads, and 2 doubles in a pack (10 total).


  1. Superb stuff indeed! I've been wanting to get some as well and was unsure about scale as well, this was a very helpful update. Thanks!

    So what are you planning to do with them, some freebooter conversions perhaps?

  2. @Hephesto - Freebooters indeed. I kind of hoped that they would be nob sized, but this will work well. The idea I have is to use Fantasy orc boy bodies and some of my old Ogryn ripper guns (I have some Ogryns from back when Orks could have them in their lists).

  3. The address is http://www.maxmini.eu/store/index.php

    I also ordered Pirate Heads from there last November... And yes they fit your FB minis like a glove... (maybe just little knife needed)
    Maxmini was fast delivering and the package had everything I ordered... so I can recommend.
    I have older post about it if you want to check the orcs out with pirate heads... AAaarrrr!

  4. I ordered mine on ebay (user: theplayerscove)... I assume they are a US distributer. The shipping was fast and reasonable.


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