Blood Angels tac squad 1

Here's my first stab at some Blood Angels. I started painting up these guys from the AOBR set thursday night during the painting class at miniwargaming. I started with Army Builder pure red spray. I touched that up with GW blood red, gave it a Baal Red wash, then highlighted with blood red and blaze orange. I'm liking how the results look, so I'm going to have to pick up some of that paint myself.


  1. Like the red color! Are you going to do a quicker kind of paint job for your Blood Angels? Could you post some higher resolution photos? I am always bummed when I cant click on the photo and get a bigger picture. Still doing my Space Wolves however my buddy is doing the Blood Angels so my only route would be Flesh Tearers.

  2. They look like a really nice way to paint a red army! Have you thought about doing a watered down brown wash (gryphonne sepia/ogryn flesh/chestnut ink/brown ink)over the red before the baal red wash and highlighting with the oranges? It would help give the models a little more depth and bring out the details?

  3. @KarnageKing - Sorry about that... I'll correct the links so you can click on them to make them larger. I will be doing a similar thing with the BA as I've been doing with the Space Wolves. Find a fast and decent technique for the troops and spend some extra time on the special units and characters.

    @Crosser Modelling - I might go back and do some deep shading, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the Baal red wash. I like the bright red and I don't want to take away from that too much. I also want to keep it pretty simple, and additional washes add a lot of extra time.


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