Kador Plastic Warjack

Here's a couple more pictures of the warjack I painted up for miniwargaming.com's upcoming red power armour video. This was my first Warmachine model to paint up, and it was fairly fun. I kept it pretty simple, just red and metal colours. I used GW tinbitz and chainmail for the paint chips, and reaper paints for the red areas. This guy took about 2 hours to paint start to finish (not including drying time for washes).

As far as the plastic nature of this kit... To me it seems much more like resin than plastic, especially since there's no sprue included. The parts clean up kind of like plastic, and are definitely better to work with than metal. I magnetized the arms with 1/8 by 1/16 magnets and the head with 1/16 by 1/16 magnets.

1 comment:

  1. This is really quite impressive overall.
    Not to mention for a 2 hours work!

    Great stuff! I cannot wait for the video.

    Cheers from Poland,


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