Preview: Death Company

Check these guys out... the new Blood Angels Death Company. I was fortunate enough to get to assemble them for, and I will be painting them up shortly. I've posted an article already (here) with lots of pictures and some of my comments. They are also up for preorder at MWG for 10% off and will ship when they are released on April 3rd (here).

Some of my thoughts... the death company kit is awesome, however its not the same as the upgrade sprues you get with other chapters. A lot of the stuff is death company specific (the X's are etched in), and you don't get stuff for dreadnoughts or vehicles. That said, there is still lots of stuff you can use with other squads, and you can mix this stuff with other tactical or assault stuff to make a larger death company.

One of the biggest improvements is that the jump packs actually fit together nicely, and there is no gap like the other ones. The mold lines are also the best I've seen on marines, and the details are fantastic.

1 comment:

  1. Nifty looking packs and thunderhammer there.

    Must... resist... Not for just a handfull of bits...


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