Just finished off these guys... Funny thing is that I bought them almost a year ago and finally painted them up. I plan on using them to draw fire and run interference, so I want them to stand out on the battle field... hence the bright colours. Plus its a bit of a throw back to the 2nd edition kommandos.

I'm planning on using these guys at Astronomi-con so that's why I'm doing so many orks right now and not all my new blood angels. I still have to paint up my old metal deff dread and finish the battle wagon I just made the deff rolla for.


  1. Nice! These minis really stand out from some of your previous paint jobs. Amazing leather skills! I will need to see if you have posted anything on your leather process. Looks simple yet effective. I just do simple 2 stage highlighting however the Nob's backpack looks real.

  2. @KarnageKing - Thanks, the leather is fairly simple... Base coat of GW Calthan Brown foundation, Devlin Mud Wash, Reaper Paints Leather Brown highlight then Reaper Tanned Leather edge highlight.

  3. @Karnageking - Thanks. Yep, the leather is pretty simple. Calthan Brown base coat, Devlin Mud Wash, Reaper Leather brown highlight then Reaper Tanned Leather edge highlight. If you don't have Reaper paints then Snake Bite leather then Bubonic brown from GW would work


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