Storm Raven

I need some feedback from my readers... I'm thinking of making a couple Storm Ravens for my Blood Angels out of the Cobra Gunship from the G.I. Joe movie. I saw them a while back, but balked at the $30 CDN price tag... well, today they $10 on clearance at Walmart, so I picked up 2. I would probably use GW bits for all the weapons and order a couple flying bases to stick them on... but no really major conversions. What do you think? Should I do it, or should I take them back and wait until GW releases something official?


  1. Kit-Bash!!!

    You know you want to. Are you gonna feel bad about having your own cool home-brewed Storm Ravens when the new kits come out & they're 80 bucks each? I doubt it.

    Dress these toys up with some GW weapons & bits, then paint them up to match your army already!
    (and please, post pictures)

  2. I think this could be a pretty cool-looking and unique addition to any army. Unusual vehicles make any army stand out from the crowd.


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