Boar Boyz Done

I've finally finished off my unit the new plastic Boar Boyz. I decided to do 15 of them, and it ended up taking me a few weeks (mostly because of school taking up so much time). Anyway, they're done, and I really like how they turned out. I used the GW painting article as a basic guide, but deviated in a few areas. The one disappointing thing is how these guys rank up... or rather, don't rank up. You basically can't get them to go together end to end, so I had to make the movement tray longer. I guess heroic scale is creeping again.

Here are a few pics, but a full batch of work in progress shots as well as a complete list of paints are posted at

Again, check out the full article (way more pictures and list of paints) over at (free article, no login required).


  1. Those look great, but boy, they don't rank up well at all.

  2. The link to the article is broken can you post the paint guide?


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