Brother Corbulo

Here's my latest project... Brother Corbulo from the Blood Angels. I've been doing a lot of fantasy stuff lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to give my 40k stuff some attention. Nothing too fancy on this guy... I did the non-metallic gold using what I've learnt from the high elves, as well as the white bits (which aren't actually white). Otherwise he's just the standard red combinations.

You can pick up Brother Corbulo from

Paints used:

Reaper = (R)
Games Workshop = (GW)
Games Workshop washes = (GW-W)
Games Workshop foundations = (GW-F)

Mechrite Red (GW-F)
Baal Red (GW-W)
Red (GW)
Blaze Orange (GW)

Cloudy Grey (R)
Misty Grey (R)
Ghost White (R)

Boltgun Metal (GW)
Badab Black (GW-W)
Chainmail (GW)

Pure Black (R)
Rainy Grey (R)
Badab Black (GW-W)

Tallern Flesh (GW-F)
Ogryn Flesh (GW-W)
Tanned Highlight (R)
Fair Shadow (R)
Fair Skin (R)

Chestnut Gold (R)
Devlin Mud (GW-W)
Oiled Leather (R)
Palomino Gold (R)
Scorched Brown (GW)
Pure White (R)

Deneb Stone (GW-F)
Devlin Mud (GW-W)
Deneb Stone (GW-F)
Leather White (R)
Scorched Brown (GW) (Lettering)

Burgundy Wine (R)
Violet Red (R)
Pale Violet Red (R)

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