Ork Painboy

I think this guy has been primed and waiting for a while... which unfortunately has meant that I've used a 2nd edition painboy for my nobz mob. Anyway, finally got him finished, and it was fun because I just picked up the 2nd big paint set from Reaper, so I've got a ton of new colour triads to use. I got it through miniwargaming.com, but they don't normally carry it, but you can get it by special order. Their other reaper paints are here. I love all the extra colour variations that this set has, and I'm sure I'll be using lots of them to add some variety to my colour schemes.

Anyway, enough of that... here's the painboy. The metal bits were boltgun with badab black wash and chainmail highlights. The black parts were done with Reaper Stormy grey and cloudy grey with badab black wash. Ork flesh was done with one of my new triads (Peacock/Brilliant/Viper Green), and the gretchin orderly was Pine/Leaf/Pale Green with a thraka wash. The red parts were GW scab red, blood red and blaze orange, but the blood splatters were Reaper Bloodstain/Clotted/Carnage red. I used the Ivory white triad for the painboy's apron and the dark elf flesh triad for the hoses (something different but didn't draw attention). Anyway, think that covers most of it. Questions are welcome below.

Oh, also, I mostly used GW foundations for the base coats... this helped prevent the black showing through and gave a good base for the other colours.

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  1. Hey Paul, I hope you don't mind me painting my ork painboy the same way you did. If you want you can check him out on my blog, would love to know what you think about him. Btw. absolutely love all your paintjobs!


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