Furioso Librarian

Here's some pics of the new Furioso Dreadnought I did for Miniwargaming.com. I used some Army Painter spray for the base coat then built up the reds with GW blood red and blazing orange. The paints used are below the pictures. I did a video for MWG with commentary that I'll post here once its on youtube.

Paints Used:

Reaper = (R)
Games Workshop = (GW)
Games Workshop washes = (GW-W)
Games Workshop foundations = (GW-F)

Red spray (anything will do)
Blood Red (R)
Fire Red (R)
Phoenix Red (R)
Clear Red (R)
Red Ink (R) / Baal Red (GW-W) 50/50
Blood Red (GW) glaze

Boltgun Metal (GW)
Badab Black (GW-W)
Chainmail (GW)

Pure Black (R)
Rainy Grey (R)
Badab Black (GW-W)

Calthan Brown (GW-F)
Devlin Mud (GW-W)
Oiled Leather (R)
Palomino Gold (R)
Scorched Brown (GW)
Pure White (R)

Calthan Brown (GW-F)
Stained Ivory (R)
Yellowed Bone (R)
Creamy Ivory (R)
Scorched Brown (GW) (Lettering)

Burgundy Wine (R)
Violet Red (R)
Pale Violet Red (R)

Force Weapon:
Ritterlich Blue (R)
Brilliant Blue (R)
Cyan Blue (R)

Blue Sarcophagus:
Ultramarine Shadow (R)
Ultramarine Blue (R)
Ultramarine Highlight (R)


  1. I love the blade! great effect.

    A quick comment though: the decal on the leg needs to be re-workd. it's bubbling and ruins the otherwise great paint job. If you haven't looked into Microset and Microsol you can get it from micromark.

  2. @Blaise - unfortunately I used the microset / microsol combo and still ended up like that. Any suggestions?


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