More Trukk Conversion pics

Working my way through painting this. Its actually going fairly quickly, but I haven't had a ton of time to devote to is (watching the Stanley Cup). Anyway, here's a few more pics.

I did the yellows with foundations and am adding some paint chips in a similar way to the blood angels, except this time with Reaper Lemon yellow, GW dark Flesh, then some silvers.


  1. That is an awesome trukk, or it could even be a big trakk. Great job!

  2. Yeah, thats awesome, you could get away with that being a BW transport... imo... nice work!

  3. Your battle damage work is awesome mate.

  4. Thanks guys.
    @Slipwing - yeah, it could be a big trakk... I'll probably try that out in some friendly games.


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