Dreadfleet Painting: Scenery

Here's the scenery all painted up. Now I have everything ready for the first mission... now I just have to find time to play. Also, I picked up the Battle Foam trays for Dreadfleet. They are my first battle foam products, and I'm pretty happy with them. The two comments I'd say about it are that it sticks up more than an inch (more than I think they advertise 3/4") and some of the parts are hard get out because the trays are quite deep. Perhaps I'll do a separate review of that later.

Anyway, the scenery (video and paints after the break)


  1. Looking good.
    Your games of Dreadfleet will certainly look pretty.

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  3. Thanks for your video, it's really helpful. I'm following it and my pieces are looking good! But I've a question about the rooftops of the castles: how did you make them? What colours did you use? I'm not able to understand your explanations in the video. English is not my first language then sometimes it's hard to catch everything.


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