The Sanguinar WIP

Here's a couple pics of The Sanguinar, Blood Angels special character done in Non Metallic Metal.  I decided to do this guy because of the 'Eavy Metal painting guide that just came out.  I had the old White Dwarf that the article originally ran in (#363), and most of the other articles so I might do a review by proxy... or I might buy it... still undecided.

Anyway, I'm basically following the article, but using Reaper paints instead of GW ones.  Less mixing that way, and that makes for easier painting.

Colours used so far are (reaper unless otherwise specified):
Oiled Leather (base)
Palimino Gold (1st highlight)
Ruddy Leather (1st shade)
Devlin Mud (GW Wash, 2nd shade glaze)
Badab Black (GW Wash, 3rd shade glaze)

Still to come:
Buckskin pale (2nd highlight)
Pure White (final highlight)
Plus all the other areas...

Here's what I have done so far (more pics after the break).

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