Ogre Stonehorn Complete + Painting video

This guy took some time to finish, but I'd say it was well worth it.  Lots of cool details, and an amazing model overall.  I used basically the same pallet as the Ogre Ironguts I did a while back, and I'm going to use the same colours for my whole Ogre army to get some unity.  I really like using the Reaper brown triads, as I can get subtle differences consistently without having to worry about mixing things.  Some of the inspiration came from http://fantasygames.com.pl/blog/ogre-kingdoms-stonehorn/, which was also featured on the GW site.  I like the colour combination of fur and blue/black.  I like the snow effect he does, but am not going with that look for my Ogres.

I used Army painter tufts for the base, which are basically the same as the new GW ones... although I want of pick some of those up to compare.  I also magnetized the hunter's weapon arm to allow switching between options.  Everything else is glued in place.

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