New Paint range and Conversion chart

Well, its official... the new 145 paint range is on advance order and costs an arm and a leg ($645 cdn)... ouch.  The other thing that sucks is that they have changed the names of everything... I really liked that some of the names have been around for ever.   Oh well... I guess I'll have to learn new names.  On the upside, I really like the idea of the paint book that stands on your painting table.  And it includes a video (but there will be lots of those online if I can help it).

I still haven't had a chance to go over the colours to see how exactly they are organized, but I'm hoping its straight forward about which ones go together to get nice colours (like the reaper system).  Oh, and they have completely changed all the names, so even the foundations and washes are different (aaaaggghhh, no more devlin mud).  Then there's the question about what to do with all the paints I have now.  Maybe my brother will want to buy them :)


  1. Hey Paul, have you had a chance to check out the paint book? I'm wondering if its worth the hefty price!

  2. haven't seen it yet... don't know if it'll be worth the price for the average person since it covers such a wide variety of things that most people won't paint. Check out the April white dwarf for some good articles


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