Skaven Doomflayer WIP

Here's some pics of the first model where I use only paints from the new GW range.  I've had this on my desk forever and finally decided to paint it up.  Is going to be lots of metallics (a little of each kind) and some standard Skaven paints.

I also finally realised the logic to the new range (I can be a little slow sometimes).  If you organize your paints by the short sku (xx-xx) you'll notice that the bases are in the same colour order as the  layers.  For each base there are 2 layers typically, but for some there's an extra layer (for a lighter highlight) or alternate layers (for different versions of black).  You'll also notice that the sets that go together are typically named after the same 40k or fantasy faction.  For example, the green/blue ones are all dark eldar names.  So this means that if you compare the new GW range to the reaper triad scheme you have the equivalent of a triad for each of the base paints.  This might have been obvious to others, but I had to actually start using them to see exactly how it all came together.

Anyway, here's those WIP pictures.

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