Ork Bommer - New Flyers

Looks like pics from the new white dwarf are hitting the intertubes... found these at dakkadakka, warseer and Faeit 212, so not quite sure where the originated.  I don't collect Necrons, so I don't really care for that one... but I do have marine and ork armies.  It sounds like the stormtalon is only for vanilla marines, so I'm not sure if it affects me, but the pictures don't do it justice. I felt the same way about the stormraven, so I'm hoping it looks better in person.

As for the Ork ones... I love them, and will be picking one up for sure.  The one thing though, is that they seem to be totally anti-infantry. Orks really lack some serious anti-tank options in the list and I don't think these fill that hole.  The other concern is how these fit into the list... are they fast attack, elite or heavy support?  Do they come in squadrons?  Can I combine them with deff koptas (I hope so).  I guess we'll see when I get my hands on the new white dwarf.

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