Skaven Doomflayer WIP 2

Here's the rest of the work in progress shots of my doomflayer using the new GW paints.  Like I said before, I like how they work together and don't really see any big difference (apart from the selection) from the old paints.

In other news, I played a fantasy game tonight... my Orcs and Goblins against some Bretonnia knights.  I brought Grimgor and 29 black orcs as the anchor of my army, and would have won if not for a mix up with a rule about the green knight.  I should have killed him in the first round of combat because of his ethereal rule, but it was overlooked (I've never faced him, and it was my opponent's first time using him).  Anyway, fun game otherwise, and great to be rolling some dice.

1 comment:

  1. Looks really good. I like the brass look, it looks used and worn, without it being too much.


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