Stormtalon Assault Cannon Conversion

Here's some pics of the new Stromtalon I just assembled... and converted the assault cannon from the one it came with to the Ravenwing one.  The one it comes with is the same size as the landraider and baal predator one, but I think the landspeeder size is better (they are both skimmers, right?).  I'll do a video explaining it soon, but for now here are some pics.  This is just to show its possible and fairly easy.


  1. I was planning to do this, though substituting the Ravenwing Assault cannons for the whole underslung turret, to make them not quite as slack-jawed.

    1. You're right... it probably make it less slack-jawed, but I wanted to preserve the front landing gear... but since its removable I may give what you're talking about a try.


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