Dark Angels Tactical Squad WIP 2

Here's the second set of pics of my Tactical squad.  I had a question about the greens from last post, and the basic answer is to water down paints a little and use glazes or washes to tone down the start highlights.  Or you can mix the darker green with the highlight to tone it down from the start.  It all depends on how you like them to look, and how much time you want to spend on a particular guy.


  1. Nice, what colors did you use on the green? look like my old recipe for DA green but i haven't ever tried to match it. Now ever time i add a new unit i make them from a successor chapter so i don't have to match old colors ;)

  2. Caliban green (slightly lighter than the old dark angels green).

  3. Nice work! I have the starter set kicking around ( and another on route ;) ) so will be taking these photos as inspiration when I get around to working on them :)


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