Realm Of Battle

Another project... this just arrived today.  I ordered the Realm of Battle modular game board so that I could have a nice table that can be put away.  I like the idea of something more durable than a table made out of MDF and I haven't come up with a reliable way of making hills that will match up as nicely as this bad boy.

I've got to get it all painted before Christmas, and I've got a bunch of scenery I'd like to get done for then as well.  Hopefully I'm able to get that done along with all my other projects.  I'll be sure to post pics as I go and a video of the process once I'm done.

1 comment:

  1. Great project.
    There is so much you can do with these boards.
    Can't wait to see what it looks like one you're done with it.
    I own one myself and I must say it was well woth the buy.


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