Thorin Oakenshield Finished (and tutorial)

Here we go with the first from the forces of good from Escape from Goblin Town.  As mentioned over on youtube, I've used the painting guide published over at Tale of Painters.  I like the way they've done a bunch of their painting guides and I think it'll save me some time when painting of the hobbit stuff.  I didn't follow it exactly, and for future ones I'm going to mix up the order to make it easier.  For example, I find it much easier to do all the base colours at once, then washes before moving forward.  These ones have each colour done fully before going to the next area.  I find that I have to fix stuff a lot if I do it that way, but if I do everything at once the next layer can hide my past mistakes.

Anyway, I've done up a speed painting video showing (almost) every brush stroke.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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