Hobby update

After a long summer off and some space marines to kick things started for the fall I'm working on some Ogres I've had in my to-do pile for a while.  I really like the ogre models, and this batch will really help fill in some of my ranks.  I think its 10 bulls with command and 2 iron guts in this batch... the standard bearer is the one with the knobbler on the top, so I'd like to use it as a BSB.  I think I'll make a tutorial for that one, but not the rest of the guys.

I've also got a bunch of high elves in the works, mostly a sky cutter that I started when it first came out, but haven't finished yet.  The great eagle is done, but the rest of it is kind of stalled.  Hopefully I can get that going again.

I'll keep doing the space marine tutorials since they get lots of hits, but I'd really like to focus on rounding out some of my unfinished armies.  Dark Eldar being one of the main ones.  Oh, and an easter egg at the bottom for anybody who like to see what else is in the pipeline :)

And now for a bunch of pictures.

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