How to Paint Grots (Gretchin, Ammo Runts, Grot Orderlies)

Here's another video leading up to the Ork Codex... looks like there's going to be a heavy walker in my near future along with whatever other goodies are released alongside the book.

Anyway, here's a tutorial showing how to paint up grot skin to go along with all of the other ork stuff I've got coming.


  1. I love orks and grots so much. Thanks for taking the time to do these tutorials. Wonderful models you have!


  2. Good information. Cheers regarding supplying all of us this type of useful information. Carry on the great work along with keep on supplying all of us a lot more top quality information every so often.Ammo

  3. Where did you get those piratey looking grots? I saw them once before and I've never been able to find them again. They'd be perfect for helping me kit out my Freebooterz!


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