Gorkanaut Finished and Tutorial

Here's some pictures of my finished Gorkanaut, painting video and guide below.  One of the keys with this guy was trying to get him done within the week so I could start on the Flash Gitz right away.  With the Ork release being stretched out and with so many kits its going to be hard to keep on top of it all.

Anyway, the basic strategy with this guy was to base coat it in silver, add clan colours and some other details, wash then highlight.  I'm using the Army Painter washes right now and really likeing them.  Partly because of the price (about half GW's) and I also like the dropper style applicator.  This helps when you're doing such a large model like this.  I did all the checkers with decals to save time and applied some weathering powders after a dull coat spray to ensure they showed up nicely.  Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, but now wish I had time to do another one as a Morkanaut.  That'll have to wait because I have 10 Flash Gits waiting for my attention now.


  1. Very nice job. Looks proper orky! Thanks so much for the great photos and guide!

  2. Looks great! One question, for the black parts you have listed stormvermin fur paint but I didn't see you use it in the video.


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