Shokk attack Gun Side by Side

I was curious to see how closely the new plastic Shokk Attack Gun matched the old one.  Mine's metal, but its most recently been finecast.

Anyway, they are very close in size, so using both of them together would be find, unlike some other kits GW has replaced with updated models (I'm looking at you Mek gunz).

**update** added some mek gun pics at the bottom of the post


  1. I was a bit disappointed when they released the new sculpt. Not because the old model wasn't awesome (I really like it), but because they had an opportunity to come up with something really cool and unique...but basically just copied the previous incarnation.

    I've seen some artists sculpt the shock gun on a tank, and had some grots walking a line of snotlings into the chute...really clever stuff like that. All GW could do is make a plastic copy? Saddens me a bit when they have a chance to come up with something cool and interesting and don't. So many options for coolness in the ork universe!

    1. Probably scheduling issues. It realy wouldn't surprise me looking at just how close they are if they didn't just 360 photo the old one in bits and tidy up in the software, giving them time to work on other kits. While it would have been nice to see something new a plastic model will realy give the opportunity for us to have that play as plastic is just so much easier to convert.

  2. I wouldn't worry to much about the Mek Gun size change. the old models are for the Kannon, Zapp and Lobba and are still available. I'm not changing the size of my basic guns though will be using the new ones as a size indicator for the 4 upgraded ones starting with a pair of Megga Kannons.


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