Finished Ork Painboy (+ tutorial and guide)

Fresh off the painting table, here's the new Ork Painboy.  He's painted up very similar to the White Dwarf version, with different coloured pants and some checkered bits.  He's a fun model to paint, although I'm not sure I'd want too many of the same model on the table top at once... very unique and no weapons options.

I used the technical paints here for the patina finish on brass bits, rust on the metal and some of the blood splatter.  Its the first time I've actually used Blood for the Blood God on a finished model and I think it turned out quite nice... I think the trick is to use it sparingly.

Anyway, it was fun to get back to painting after all of the unboxing and assembly I've done... I need to catch up after all of these new releases.

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