Meganob Size Comparison

I just finished assembling these guys and took some pictures beside other comparison models that I thought would be helpful for those of you on the intertubes.  The comparison beside previous meganobz was done in a recent white dwarf, but I've added some extra ones, such as the big mek with Kustom Force Field, Space Marine Terminators and Centurions... see below.


  1. You don't have the old Rogue Trader 'eavy armour nobs now those are tiny by today's standards. One of the many problems with my update my old army plans. I think I'd just not run them as mega nobz under today's rules, only mega nobz get the bigger bases right? Assault on Black Reach nobz did not come with the bigger base. Old Rogue Trader terminators are smaller too, but when put on a bigger base, they look bigger the way I did it. You can put older models on new bases and give them lift so to speak...

    1. Yeah, I unloaded my Rogue Trader ones a while ago... they were pretty tiny, but I loved the look of them. Maybe Forgeworld will do something like that for 30k Orks.

      Only meganobz, big meks, wierd boyz, flash gitz and warbosses have 40mm bases. Normal nobz are on 25mm bases. Rogue Trader and 2nd edition terminators had 25mm bases as well.

  2. What is the dealeo with the new Supersized marines? Terminator was always the heaviest armour now they have these new bigger guys. It ruins decades of fluff in my opinion.

  3. Thanks as always for these great size comparisons!


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