Smaug assembly video

Here's a video showing some of the steps and tips for assembling the Smaug model.  Its basically a large forgeworld dragon with all the problems associated with that.  The fit is generally good, but because I need to leave the wings off for painting I needed to spend some extra time on him.

This guy is huge... he doesn't fit on any of my shelves properly, so either the base is going to stick out, or I'm going to have to find somewhere else for him.  Looking forward to painting him, but am not sure how much time I'll have over the holidays (I'm also working on finishing my basement).

Let me know if you have any questions...

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  1. I was going to comment that he certainly looks like he'd cover an entire shelf of an IKEA Detolf cabinet but I see you already touched on that. Gotta think of a different solution if I ever try to get the model.

    When applying the liquid Green Stuff I find rubber brushes to be invaluable because they allow you to work the stuff in the gaps in an even way and allows you to scoops extra bits of GS away from the flatter surfaces (like those that spilled on the head in the video). Besides you can use them fairly gently on the model and flatten the GS layer without damaging your model.

    Here's a set I found on Amazon, I use a similar set for my GS work:

    The flat one and the round sharp one (far left, looks like an actual brush) are the ones I use the most and never had any problems with sticking as long as you wet your tools.


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