Smaug stuck until release date

Well, it looks like GW's awesome policies have struck again... I had my Smaug delivered to my local GW thinking that it would help ensure I got him on time.  Well, he's there now, but I can't have him until Saturday, because that's the release date (so says the single staff member when I called).  Whoever made this policy needs to give their head a shake.  I know its not up to my local manager, he seems like a nice guy.

You already have my money, the guy is sold out, and its just sitting there.  If I had selected home delivery I'd have it by now.  Why do I have to wait?

You won't usually see me gripe about GW here, but this one seems worth noting.


  1. No different than a book or CD release. Set release date, no one gets them any sooner.

    1. yeah, but this has sold out... there are no other sales that this will affect. If I had ordered it to my house I would have it by now, but instead I'm being forced to wait and go to the store. I guess I've learned my lesson... don't order it to the store.

    2. That's a shame Paul. You tried to order it to the store, and it turned out hurting you in the end :(. That's a poor policy. It would drive me nuts knowing my purchase is just sitting there....

  2. I wouldn't be so sure if you may got it earlier by getting it delivered at home. I'm sure you'll have it earlier at the shop ;)
    GW ships Release-Date Things AT the day. Not before like to the stores. I had it twice now: Everybody get's his Space Hulk on Saturday. I ordered it... They shipped it on Saturday so I got it Tuesday. Same with Deathstorm.


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