Flash Gitz WIP

Here's some work in progress shots of the stuff on my painting bench.  I'm finally working on the new Flash Gitz, and while I'm at it have slipped in a few runtheards for good measure.  The flash gitz were started with a silver spray followed with a dark wash, and I'll build all the colours up from there.

These guys were built back when the codex came out, but other things jumped the queue, so I'm only painting them now.  I played a game with my brother over Christmas, so that inspired me to work on my orks again.


  1. Wow you are painting them with the guns on? That's impressive!

    1. yeah, I figured that anything I could get at wouldn't be seen anyway (which is too bad since there's a ton of cool details those guns hide).

    2. That's a good point. They also look like they might be a pain to lineup as a subassembly.

  2. Respect for painting them assembled. I think I'd go crazy thinking I'm missing details this way and inevitably divided this into sub-assemblies.

    Looking forward to the result!


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