Age of Sigmar first image of new models (Update with Chaos)

Caught a glimpse of this over on warseer forums... not sure what I think of these guys.  Maybe its the paint job or something, but a little too much Sanguinary guard going on here.  I'm hopeful that with a different paint job they could look pretty cool.

(update, the text on the chaos page seems to say 47 citadel miniatures included, which lines up with what's seen in these pics)

Lets see what else is in the pic... seems to be a standard Realm of Battle board with some new scenery.  I wonder if that comes in the box... looks like some portals.

Seeing some round (32mm?) and oval bases.  So, some sort of scrimmage force.  We've got what looks like a Chaos sorcerer at the top, so I'd assume that the evil forces are on the facing page (not pictured).

So, for forces of good we have:
1 mounted hero
2x5 guys with hammers and shields (champions seem to be slightly different)
3 guys with two handed axes
3 flying guys with 2 hammers

two portals?
(update) wall section

1 sorcerer (edit, I think this guys is a good guy)

Ok, so for the Evil side we've got:

1 hero on large base (40mm?)
2x10 guys (one set seems to have full command)
1 beast (oval base) and handler (round)
5 guys with axes
1 standard bearer (Khorne symbol)

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