Betrayal at Calth - more progress

Here's some more progress pictures of my Calth marines.

The Ultramarine tactical squad is ready for a matte seal coat now that the decals have set nicely.  They received a few coats of micro sol and that helped them conform nicely to the shoulder pads.  The terminators have their oil wash and are ready for another gloss coat for their decals.

The Word Bearers have been drybrushed and given black details, next up will be silver.  I'm not happy with the brightness of the red, so I may do a quick overall highlight of the armour before moving to the oil wash.  I'm thinking something like Wild Rider Red thinned down red will do the trick.


  1. Paul- beautiful work as always. Is any of your work available for purchase?

    1. sure, stuff is available... what are you looking for? I sold all my space wolves a little while ago and am trying to downsize some of my less loved collections.

    2. I would be very interested in Dark Angels, High Elves, and Orcs and Goblins. And Space Hulk. Would want to purchase all as one lot. Best way to communicate offline? Thank, Chris.

    3. send me an email


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