Betrayl at Calth progress - Terminator Captain

Here's some progress pictures of the Terminator Captain, who is getting the Ultramarine treatment.  I gave him the same airbrush base coat, but will be painting him using normal layering instead of the oil wash.  This will help him stand out and is more enjoyable to paint.  I'll do this for the Dark Apostle as well when I get around to doing the Word Bearers.

These pictures are before I applied washes to each of the areas.  Black to the metal and grey, dark brown to the gold, flesh to head.  After that I touched up the blue and applied a fine black wash to all the armour.  Next up will be highlights.

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  1. Can you tell me the Minitaire paints you used to do your Ultramarines and what order.. I love the blue you got.. thank!


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